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As the old trial lawyer adage goes, never ask a question the answer to which you don’t already know. Same thing here. When she’s showing you the right amount of buy-in, you can ask her out. To give her a chance to show you that buy-in, you want to send her a little place holder. I call this a ping. If she’s not enthusiastic enough about your ping, don’t ask her out. Learn to date only girls who are into you.

Your first text: “second dates are so much harder and more stressful than first dates”

Wait a minute, then send this: “at least that’s what girls tell me :-)”

It’s funny. It sets up the right power dynamic. If she’s interested in seeing you again, she’ll play along. If she gives you nothing more than a “ha ha” and doesn’t subsequently send you anything else, let it go and try again the following week with another ping.

Girl who are into you will try harder.