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Thanks for your responses guys.Just to explain further, I was at a market, there was one stall selling some kinda art.

When I say I waited 25 minutes, I meant I wondered around looking for other girls, but I kept coming back to see if my ‘target’ had moved.

The girl was looking through a pile of ‘arty’ photos, but I couldn’t see them as the box was directly in front of her, and I would have had to look right over her shoulder to see them. So I couldn’t ask her about the photos.

There was a pile of old books in front of me. I don’t know what they were because they didn’t seem to have front covers. So I couldn’t try “have you read this?” The guy running the stall was directly in front of me so if I had asked a question about the books to someone else, it would have made no sense.

I cannot think of an indirect opener that would have made sense to use in that situation.

Anyway – what I really wanted to know is, is it better to just go direct in situation like this where you are struggling to find something indirect to say? Or is it worth just taking a bit more time to think of something?

Sorry for the uber long post.