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It’s not really about having an abundance mindset it’s about realizing that this world does not give a FLYING FUCK about you.

Do me a favor. Please. do this exercise:

Walk down the street or go inside a supermarket or a store and look at the faces of the people around you. You will notice that everyone is wrapped up in their own little world. The old lady is trying to figure out what kind of medicine to buy. The man is figuring out what he should buy his children. The guy and his girlfriend are thinking about what movie they’re gonna watch later while the guy has his arm around her. The woman you’re about to approach is trying to figure out what kind of tampon to use. Or alternatively, she might be thinking if it was appropriate that the guy she had a one night stand with the other day so shamelessly came on her face. similarly Hurricane Lee is thinking about girls he’s boning he’s not thinking about you.

Hell, even the girl you’re currently dating is texting other guys on her phone deciding WHO she will give her precious time to. it’s all about HER HER HER.

So hear this..
Everyone always has their OWN interests at play in their mind at all times.
Noone at any time is thinking to themselves: Wow I wonder what SomeguyUK is about to do. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU.

Abundance is understanding that you’re fending for yourself alone in this world. That your results depends simply on ONE person. YOURSELF. And that’s a good thing because you’re the only one you can rely on. You can decide to go out — RIGHT NOW — hit on a bunch of girls, get a bunch of numbers and all of a sudden you have abundance. It’s not about ANYONE but yourself. Believe in yourself, since you will always be the only one that does.