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Ignore this if you’re only looking for Eric or Lee’s response.

But you said it yourself, if it’s easy to come up with a direct (which it is) hell just go direct. If you’re feeling inspired or creative AND you can think of something witty to say, go indirect.

The way I do it is it depends on my state. If I feel like fucking with people I go indirect. If I feel genuine I go direct. It all depends on how I FEEL at the moment. And this is crucial because depending on how you feel it’ll make your delivery better. And delivery is the key really, not really what you say.

Plus, you’re putting too much emphasis on the opener. Most likely the girl will have a boyfriend or some other bullshit excuse anyway. Just open up AS MANY as you can and leave the opener undecided until atleast “hi” comes out of your mouth because saying ANYTHING is better than just walking away.