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alright, looks like we’re pretty similar after all in our thought process. I think I just “define” it differently.

When I was talking about “random” earlier it was mainly about logistics. But to me logistics is the utmost important thing in pickup. It trumps everything pretty much. So what do I mean about logistics? And this might be MY specific definition, but let me just define what I mean:

1. is this girl single? (because if she isn’t I just walk away). this is very important because in a daygame situation I found that about half have boyfriends. so I can’t waste my time with those that do. my time is more valuable to me than ANY girl.
2. do I like this girl? based on *MY* specific and unique set of parameters are important to ME (because if I don’t I just walk away. and to give you an example, I approached a girl this lunch but because she was such a bonehead and non-creative and kept asking be banal questions like what I do/where I work etc I ended up ejecting.. and I think this is where you and I can see eye to eye here) other things I look for: how hot she is, how interesting she is, is she humorous, is she fun to talk to, etc. side note: if she’s super hot, like playboy hot I pretty much forgive her for being a bonehead because I just want her sexually.. but if she’s not that hot she must have a personality that makes up for it.

3. does she like me? this is also where I think your argument comes in. I try to make myself the most attractive I can by my style, my fitness level (bc I like to work out), my confidence, my humor, basically my unique personality. I also try to tease her and create a sexual vibe around the whole interaction (assuming I like her) because I noticed that’s what girls get attracted to. but if after all that still doesn’t like me for who I am I could care less. I just approach another one who does.

so what I mean by random, everytime I walk into a park, or a starbucks, or the street, or wherever I am. it’s like God threw a pair of dice in the world: i.e a new configuration of people. and this configuration of people may or may not match me.

it’s like forest gump in that movie said “life is like a bunch of chocolates you never know what you’re gonna get!” — that’s what I meant by random… but I also know that if I don’t like what I get I can sure as hell replace it with another one that I do like or that fits me better.

p.s of’course what you were saying, what girls are “attracted” to is not that random. girls share a bunch of the same characteristics ie attraction switches.

p.p.s Paul was in Austin when he filmed that video mainly because the rules in Austin are more lax in regards to recording laws.