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frankly, I think we’re just having a miscommunication here we’d probably agree to alot of the same things.

also our definition of “random” is different. I’m mainly talking about what a woman is going through in her life (ie her logistics, does she have a bf, does she need to go on a trip this weekend, etc) and you’re talking about her general behavior / what turns her on. those are two different things.

also, as long as you’re authentically not interested in a woman because the girl hasn’t “proved” herself worthy otherwise, I’m in total agreement. I just wasn’t in agreement to “act” like you’re not interested, especially if you are. so as long as you’re acting in (and forgive me for this community word–>) “congruence” with your internal feelings then I totally agree… my only worry is instructing guys that are completely horrible with women to act like they have alot of things going on in their life; or giving a guy a “story” when his verbal communication is dogshit, b/c women can see through that right away. it’s like the way mystery used to instruct guys to say his scripts but they just couldn’t pull it off b/c it didn’t match who they are as a person. I think everyone just needs to be 100% true to who they are to attract girls, that’s all I’m saying..