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As the above studies show, there is NOTHING random about the behavior of women. There is randomness in the behavior of any one particular woman on one particular day, but that is not what we’re here to talk about and study.

All of these studies (and more) – performed independently by different researchers in different institutions – agree on what we should do to be most attractive to women. That is the basis of my game. There is NO STUDY supporting your game. It’s all just a bunch of guys on the Internet swapping stories about their conquests with no methodology at all.

The idea that women are looking for the same thing as men is crazy. As has been pointed out by researchers studying human sexuality, there is one male prostitute for every 200,000 female prostitutes.

The best way to get the hottest women to try hard to go out with you is not by SHOWING disinterest but by ACTUALLY FEELING DISINTEREST. Then, what you are showing and what you are doing is actually completely congruent. You should show interest only to women who are showing interest to you. The more selective you are in meeting women – the more you question and challenge them and the higher your standards for them (beyond the physical) – the more attractive you will be to them. Does it work the same way for guys? As the above study on responsiveness on dates explains, absolutely not.

The idea of my kind of game is not – as you keep misinterpreting – to get women to like you. That’s what the ass-kissers in the three videos you posted are doing by complimenting the shit out of those plain, ordinary, boring girls who are actually not nearly as attractive as the guys approaching them. The idea of my game is to get women to give YOU a reason to like them. If you actually saw me in an approach – as many people on this site have – you’d never again accuse me of trying to get women to like me, at least not when compared to the ass powdering I saw in those videos. (Not a single hardball question or observation!)