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Eric Disco

Why is it that “just saying whatever comes off the top of your head” sounds awfully familiar?

So what’s your name?
Where are you from?
What do you do?

Basically what you’re saying is that you can get women without using any game. None of us here is disagreeing with you. I don’t doubt that with enough approaches you can get a certain percentage of women to say ‘yes.’ We are all in agreement about that. That’s a large percentage of this. The more women you approach, the more women will say yes to you. If you can’t approach any, none will come to you. 100% agreement.

Lee is talking about REFINING the percentage of women that will say YES. You could approach 100 women. 65 will say NO no matter what. 15 will say YEs no matter what. 20 will be attracted/open to you but on the fence. Lee is talking about refining your approach to get those last 20 women. Maybe those women who were previously out of your league.