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Don’t show women a lot of interest? bs. I can’t take this wrong information. That’s what society wants you to believe but it’s WRONG, “play hard to get”. That shit was played out during early 2000s with mystery method and style. Because I fell for that trap for so long and I spun my tail around bullshit. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND SEEK IT. and when you finally find it, don’t act like you don’t want it. that’s false. Give her a big hug and make sure she knows you picked her!

all randomness means that when you approach people, you are just not aware of their circumstances. accept that people are random and rejections mean NOTHING. all it means is that person’s parameters were not aligned with yours.
woman#1: she’s pretty? check! but doesnt she like me. uncheck!
woman#2: she’s pretty? check! but she has a bf. uncheck!
woman#3: she’s pretty? check! but I found out I don’t like her. uncheck!
woman#4: she’s pretty? check! do i like her and she likes me and she doesn’t have bf? check! DING DING DING. we have a winner.
woman#4: oh god I want to meet her now. Is she here this weekend? uncheck!
woman#5: and on and on…

depending on your parameters, and how picky you are you can go thru hundreds of women. We don’t have time to spend on all the wrong ones though.

All I mean by random is does she meet your criterions or not? People are in different points in their life. That’s the most important thing. Move to the next one if she doesn’t. as fast as possible. we don’t have time otherwise.

You don’t need bullshit stories or making her laugh, or act like you’re not interested, you just need to figure out their situation and move on if it doesn’t fit yours. There’s so many hours in the day. You’ll find that if you approach 10 women daygame, 5 of them have a bf. no amount of lines will change that or opener, or whatever you use will change that. You got “rejected” before you even opened your damn mouth. So just make sure you figure that right away. I just ask “are you single?” or I just go for the number, the sooner the better because I don’t want to waste time with them if they have a bf. So out of 10 girls, 5 are left – no matter what you even say to them 50% are out! Out of those 5, for some reason 3 won’t like you because you’re not in their age bracket, you don’t fit what they like, they think your approach was bad, or some other bullshit reason. So we’re left with 2 that give you the number.

With those 2 you message them a few days later. One is going on a trip to the bahamas on the weekend so she can’t meet. Another one is going out with her friends but she’ll see you the next day. DING DING DING! now repeat the process, this time approach a hundred girls. If you’re in NYC this shouldn’t be a problem. The only problem is if you’re taking too damn long and doing mental masturbation with each girl instead of being true for what you want and seeing if she fits the bill or not.

Don’t try to make people “like you”. It’s absurd that guys think that that’s women want. Women want to know that you’re a MAN that has a GOAL and if she doesn’t fit that goal SHE IS OUT.

know what you want in life, and screen out the ones that don’t fit what you want. Everything else is mental masturbation. We don’t have time for ANY thing else. Time is precious goddamit. I know I said that I wasn’t gonna post anymore but this is SO IMPORTANT that I am just saying this to newbies because they can’t afford to waste as much time as I did.

Watch this an watch it closely. And understand what screening means. It’s basically deciding if the woman fits your parameters and if she doesn’t. NEXT. there is no “rejection”. Men, realize this as soon as possible and don’t get caught up in the trap like something is wrong with you.

This guy isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He even looks like a “creeper”, yet he cleans up bc women are attracted to a man that goes for what he wants and doesnt beat around the bush. And as soon as I employed what he is teaching I cleaned up too.