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Dude, what I am talking about – having women chase you – is not in your reality precisely for the reason you yourself are giving us: as soon as you see a beautiful woman, you’re already sold. A woman can tell when you’re already sold. That’s why women won’t chase you and they will chase me. In the past ten years, every woman I’ve dated has initiated contact with me, including my last long term girlfriend whom I met on a subway platform. On this site are former students and friends who have seen me do it again and again, and have met the women I’ve met this way. Eric and I walk away from women more beautiful than the three in these videos at least a handful of times each week. No, I wouldn’t want the 17 year old in that video. I’m going to have to spend an evening romancing her and my evenings are worth so much more than the cheap thrill of banging an empty headed high school student. In the past ten years, when I wasn’t in a relationship, I had plenty of beautiful women in my life who were also fun, intelligent, and interesting, which is something none of the guys in this video even bothered to find out about the girls they approached. You want to be one of these guys? More power to you. Just realize that you’re playing a game most men who come to me would not want to play.