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Let me just start off by saying we’re not even remotely on the same page. And I’ll accept that. I respect that there’s alot of guys different than me in this world. And there’s more than one way to skin a cat. The “game” and all of it’s possibilities are endless. Similarly, guys with different personalities attract different types of girls.

But one thing that just completely sets me off is:
“My first comment is that Eric and I wouldn’t actually go out with any of these girls. None of them showed the slightest bit of a unique, interesting personality, wit, intelligence, nothing.”

Really now? I want you to sit down for a second. Man to man. *takes a drag of a cigarette*

You want to tell me, with a straight face, that you wouldn’t want to have that 17 year old girl in that 3rd vid with that firm round ass in your bed right now? If you honestly don’t, there’s nothing more I can talk to you about. I would bang her to smithereens if I had the chance (and provided it was legal in my state:). Personally, I could care less if she had the intelligence of a house fly. I don’t care if you’re 50 or you’re 100. As long as you’re a man, you see a girl you want to bang and you just do. doesn’t even take 60 seconds, takes about 1 second.

Let me also say that I want to marry the RIGHT girl, but I sure as hell will FUCK all the WRONG girls, provided they are hot. I’m a warm blooded male. and don’t kid yourself we’re ALL like that. I’m not gonna sit there and act like now I need to “act” like I’m smarter then them or better then them and they need to qualify themselves to me. EVERYONE IS THE SAME of equal value at all times. We’re all just human. So instead of story telling time. I’ll look them right in the eye with a slight smirk, and be truthful that I want to date them. A playboy playmate doesn’t need to qualify herself for shit– I’ll tell you right now, just by looking at her. She got the job!

I could give a shit about her personality.

Now back to being a bit more serious about this stuff. Confidence is king. I don’t care how much you want to intellectualize this stuff. But your vibe is what dictates just about everything you get in life. When I’m on it, I could communicate more with a girl in an eye glance more than ANYONE could with all the stories in the world. Women are attracted to sex, dominance and vibe. How can vibe even be described? It’s simply believing that you’re the BEST regardless of if it’s true or not. if you’ve ever witnessed it, it’s when you got into state after a few solid approaches. you feel like the cat’s meow. you exude confidence in every step you take. To your example, of’course I can talk to a girl about the weather and she’ll want to sleep with me provided my intonation, my eye contact, my posture, and everything else that’s about 100 times more important than verbal game is. All the stories in the world couldn’t help a man that looks like he’s shaking in his boots when he talks to a girl. As long as I make her wet I can get her to do anything I want, any man of any age could. It’s a matter of sexual tension and your ability to produce it. Take a look at Eyes Wide Shut when Nicole Kidman is dancing with the silver fox (probably in his late 50s in that movie), he was pushing all the right buttons. Same with scent of a woman where Al Pacino dances with that girl. It’s all about sexual tension and VIBE.. it sure as hell isn’t a woody allen movie, where woody meets a woman in supermarket and talks her ears off.

To zhelyasko,

I’m not dismissing the knowledge of the community. I simply adhere to a certain part of the community. And it always boils to this argument I’m having right here and which way you take.

What I like:
male dominance, assertiveness, honesty, improvisation (not rehearsing ANYTHING), polarization (see here:, not trying to get “girls to like me”, not trying to act like I’m bigger or more important than I am, being true to my sexual self and making sure the woman knows it. Note: I am not talking about indirect or direct openers. That doesn’t mean jack. You can use ANY way you want to start a conversation. I mean the overall vibe you have with the woman.

What I don’t like:
push/pull, qualification, “negging”, intellectualization, rationalization, stories, gimicks, routines, late night infomercials, that sort of thing.

Guys I like to read:
Paul Janka, Good looking Loser

Guys I dont like to read:
RooshV, KrauserPua, Justin Wayne, MysteryMethod, Tom Torero,, RSD (which even though they preach direct are completely indirect and gamey).

And if there’s one thing I’d like to part on you, is to not rehearse lines or stories to a girl. Not to try to manipulate people or use gimicks on them. Sure Paul uses a few indirect lines to start a conversation with a girl, but his whole vibe (ie essence) is that of dominance and being completely honest that he wants to have sex with a girl. Read his material, he’s all about that. that’s who he is. sure jezebel and other feminazis give him hell for it, but it’s not much different than romance novels. Guys want to FUCK girls. That’s what counts at the end of the day and that’s what girls appreciate. It’s a myth that women want to be “intellectualized” women want to be made love to in the worst way. read *ANY* romance novel. the whole damn thing revolves around sex.

btw “I give them a card, and they initiate contact.” not saying you don’t get an occasional woman to contact you on her own volition. but by and large we all know that women don’t initiate jack shit.