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That was just an example, it wasn’t the point of my post.. but if you want to go there, generally I talk to girls for atleast a few minutes before a number in daygame. Unless I instadate.

But even if I do get a number very quickly (I go for quick numbers if I don’t feel motivated for talking or if I’m in a rush), I’ll generally tease them or try to gauge their humor level, if they have that along with looks, that’s good enough for me as far as wanting to take her on a date. if they’re duds, like you say, I don’t really go for the number if I’ve gone indirect, or if I’ve gone direct, I’ll go for the number but I won’t text them. studies have shown that it takes people only a few minutes to gauge their interest level in a partner, that’s why speed dating is so successful.

again, I don’t try to qualify for the girl. I don’t try to give them an “experience”. They see that I’m well spoken, I have good style, I have humor and the confidence to approach them, that’s about all they need. so no, they don’t find it “pathetic”. most guys don’t even approach women during the day, so to them it’s admirable that I’m asking them out.

as far as what I’m looking for, if a girl is sweet, has a bit of humor, looks good (most importantly). doesn’t take me to long to gauge MY interest. I can tell if I like a girl within about 60 seconds. also, I try to talk to about 5-10 girls a day which generally amounts to only about 1 or 2 numbers anyway. most have boyfriends or they walk away, or some other bullshit.