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Used to teach bootcamps and no longer do. Here are my thoughts. Bootcamps are worth it if you 1) need a little push, and 2) don’t know what’s possible and want to see pros in action. Meaning, if it’s really important to you to go out with a bunch of pumped up dudes and high energy coaches, feed off their energy and convince yourself that you can get past your fear, a workshop may be for you. So why wouldn’t you do it? Here’s why. This stuff is about muscle memory just as much as learning to box or learning to dance. Can you learn to box or dance in one weekend? No freaking way. It takes months and even years to get good. A typical workshop will be somewhere between $1800 and $2700 dollars. If you were to pay that in increments of $120 per hour to a good coach, you’d get 10 or more 2 hour sessions spaced one week apart, with homework assignments, and plenty of room to practice in between. That in-between time is where you will get this stuff into your muscle memory. So if all you need is a push, by all means, take a workshop. If you really want to learn, get some coaching spaced over a much longer period of time.