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If someone asked me whether my backpack was for travel or school or was pleasantly surprised to see me eating peanut butter even though it’s fattening, I would be 99% sure that that I was on my way to the most boring and trivial conversation of the month and perhaps the year. Yes, I’ve used all of these situation openers and I used to teach them to students in a company that specializes in natural game. Girls will talk to you for any number of reasons. Exchanging pleasantries and chit chat makes them feel desirable. However, if you don’t quickly turn that conversation around, you will be learning almost nothing about her value and she will be learning nothing about yours. Can you still get dates? Sure. I’ve gotten them myself. But what reason do I have to go on those dates? I teach men to give women an extraordinary experience, and in the process find out if those women are good enough for them. I wouldn’t even want to go on a date with a woman I met as a result of a conversation like the ones you’re describing. Unless we can quickly get to the stuff that’s interesting and revealing, I am going to decide that this woman is not good enough for me, at which point I’m just going to walk away. If your plan is to open with something mundane and immediately transition to something more exciting, what’s the point of opening with something mundane to begin with? Isn’t it better to simply set the stage for your exciting conversation be opening with something that usually leads to an exciting conversation?