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and let me also add that attraction to someone is not so much of their behavior of being aloof or playing a certain way.

It’s moreso their body language, their tonality, how they look at me, their humor, intelligence, their humility, hidden stuff like that. things that they would never be able to fake. nonverbal shit that I look for. their upbringing, which essentially dictates their demeanor. their unique look, how physically attractive they are to me, etc. It’s not so much the shallow bullshit people talk about online as far as “she did xyz, now how do I come back at her like this…” to “generate attraction”. one of my ex-gfs for example, we were together for 2 years in college, I loved her dearly, I think we had sex on the first date. we broke all “rules” we played zero games with eachother. but we were just uniquely compatible, it was apparent from the first 10 minutes of knowing her and we couldnt get enough of eachother. she accepted me and all my imperfections. and as far as she was concerned, it’s not so much as what she did as it was who she was. noone could ever be like her or fake being like her.

other girls I can go on a date with them, and i’m just not attracted to them, to their personality.. sometimes though it’s just a physical thing and we end up having sex and never seeing eachother again. every girl is different…

but this whole notion of “i do this and this and this and then this person will like me” to me is just baloney. either people like you for yourself (ie the personality you are, your physicality etc, that’s unique to you) or they do not. I personally don’t change myself for anyone, I filter them out just by being myself. and I don’t expect any girl to change herself for me either. if she does, she’s just a wildcard that I don’t want anyway.