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I agree with your there. I approach a lot of women, and it’s very rare to find a woman who is actually funny, engaging, and has the ability to flirt. Most of the time when I find I’m dealing with a dud, I just eject.

I guess we’re just arguing semantics, I just don’t really like the word “game”, I just call it having a good personality and actually working on yourself to develop it. Being more of a giver than just a taker. Too many people just don’t put the effort into trying to make a relationship work. Or they think that by being distant is what attracts people. I hate women for example who take their sweet time to answer a goddam text but unfortunately it’s the vast majority of them. The day I find a woman who’s straightforward, honest, doesn’t try to play bullshit games with me is the woman I’m really gonna go for.. Also, a woman who has a good sense of humor and is intelligent and tries to invest in me as much as I am investing in her (again, I don’t call that “game” I just call that being a quality person). Those are so rare though.