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There are many great things about me that women do not know when I approach them and many things about them I don’t know. In a normal environment – work, social circles, school – it may take us weeks, months, or even years to discover those things. That is why there is nothing natural about game. Having an ordinary conversation with a stranger is better than having none at all, but it puts the weight disproportionately on looks. It is very hard for an ordinary looking man to say very little and still get a date with a very good looking woman. But that doesn’t mean he’s not good enough for her. Looks are the first criterion, sure, and if you make the interaction simple enough, they will be the only criterion. But good game is the process of expertly managing the social environment in a way that brings out that hidden value, value that women want to know about. It’s what sometimes allows an ordinary looking fella to date a super hottie. It works both ways. When I meet women who don’t know how to play, flirt, tell stories, and engage me in a unique experience, I have little desire to take them on a date. A date requires me to dress, go somewhere, spend some time with her, come back. It’s too much effort to spend on a boring person. I want to know right there if she’s good enough for me. Fortunately, the process of finding out how valuable she is is exactly the same as the process of showing her – my looks aside – how valuable I am. It’s called game.