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“Game is convincing women who normally wouldn’t give you the time of day that you’re so valuable that they should consider you a romantic prospect.”

Maybe that’s where we differ. I don’t try to “convince” any woman to like me. If they don’t like the real me – I move on. I’m going to display the same amount of “value” with the girl as I would with my friends or family. She does not get any special treatment.

Besides, “game” is a weird term to me. And maybe we’re just arguing semantics here. But to me, if a man can display a good sense of humor, and maybe a bit of wit, personal style, confidence, etc. Ie things he’s developed throughout his life hopefully (or maybe he developed just by approaching and dating many women). That’s about all he needs. If you want to call it “game”, ok. But that still has nothing to do with using a pretense or “reason” to talk to her. You can display all the above qualities by approaching her directly and women are fine with that just as well.

In my example above, yes that was a very short interaction– but generally I try to make a bit of small talk, use a bit of humor and teasing, but that’s not game. That’s just being a social/fun person, the same way I am with my family. And I don’t need a reason for starting the conversation with her other than I found her attractive.

I don’t think necessarily talking about her bag for example, or coming up with a funny story will generally make him a more attractive person. I also know that different women have different preferences. Some women like boldness, others like more comfort. Personally, I don’t care what the woman wants I do what I want– she either likes it or I move on.

When you don’t have a pretense it displays masculine qualities that are attractive to women. Heck, this could even be as simple as glancing at a woman in a subway station, holding eye contact, giving her a little smile. This speaks volumes to women. Then coming up to her, saying “hi”, getting into a bit of common chitchat, then getting her number.

I’m not saying that using a pretense such as the weather, or her bag, or whatever to talk doesn’t work, it could work too. I’m just saying, especially in regards to the OPs question is that you don’t necessarily need a “reason” for approaching women. Her being attractive is a good enough reason for example, and it doesn’t mean the man needs a pre-requisite of being good-looking to do so. The woman will be attracted to him based on so many micro-behaviors in that small interaction it hardly has to do with him being “cute” or having a good body. Maintaining eye contact, tonality, his smile, his style, his demeanor, a million other nonverbals.. so much more than just the pretense portion of the start of the conversation.