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“I should probably drop out for a few days, and eventually touchbase”.

If there’s one thing I hate is game playing nonsense. You’re clearly interested in her. Yet you’re stooping down to game playing? Purposely taking X amount of hours to respond to her text? Trying to think of clever ways to text her? Second guessing yourself and saying that you jumped the gun? What is this??

Women like to play things like that, and sometimes I’ll forgive them. However, As a man, you should never do anything like that. You set the tone. You are the leader. Women respond favorably to a man that plays NO games whatsoever and is reliable, like a rock.

Here’s my rule: I text a girl 1-2 seconds after she writes me a message. And another rule is: I don’t start thinking of clever ways to respond. I just respond with the amount of thought process I take for any of my friends. A girl I date does not get any special treatment because doing otherwise indicates neediness, that I’m TRYING to win her over. And girls can smell games more than you can, trust me. Girls invented games.

And besides games are usually only played when people don’t like eachother. When people really like eachother, fall in love with eachother, there is absolutely no game playing. I’d suggest that you find a girl that likes you just as much as you like her and toss this one out.