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I don’t really agree with “accept the pretense”. You don’t need to come up with a bullshit REASON to talk to any girl, you just talk to them. The underlying reason is that you’re a man and you’re approaching an attractive woman – and women understand that. There’s no use in trying to hide that fact.

Indirect – the reason is directions or something else.
Direct – the reason is her beauty. I came to talk to you BECAUSE you were hot.

The problem with both these approaches is that you’re explicitly giving the girl a reason why you’re talking to her. You don’t need a reason. A girl at the beach you can just simply come up to her and say “Nice day isn’t it?” or just “hi”, or “how are you?”, or “what are you reading?”, or “who are you waiting for?”. The meer fact that you’re talking to her is more than enough reason for the girl, she will intuit your intention just by the fact you’re talking to her. Men oftentimes require a reason, moreso for their own justification than for the girl. Girls are very quick to spot that you’re interested in them, you don’t need to provide them with a reason.

However, if you MUST use a reason just give her a compliment as it’s the easiest way to start talking to someone. I don’t agree with what you said:
“If I see a hot girl at the beach, I don’t make a move because: I know I approach her only because of her looks, and she knows I am approaching her only because of her looks … and maybe sex.”

I mean, duh? Do you think girls are that gullible to think otherwise? And do you really want to convince me that you’re not approaching her because of her looks? Of’course you are. If she was a big fat whale on the beach versus a hot female you probably wouldn’t approach her. Be a man and tell her that you thought she was attractive if you can’t come up with another reason. It’s always better to approach than not.

Regardless of the approach: direct, indirect, or something without any reason like “how are you?” the subcommunication should ALWAYS be “I’m attracted to you”. This can be communicated through your eyes, through teasing, through flirting. But you definitely don’t want to go completely indirect, ask for directions, get into a friendly neighborly conversation, and then ask for her number. There’s nothing that gets a girl’s pu**y drier than that.

Girls long for a man that comes up to them, teases them and makes his intention completely clear that he’s interested in them yet he doesn’t need to give an explicit, verbal reason. Just by the fact that you’re talking to them is enough reason (think: “how’s your day going?” with a smirk). That’s more than enough reason.

So to answer your question: You do not need a reason. You’re a man and she’s an attractive woman, that’s your reason. That was nature’s reason. And trust me that girls don’t need you to explicitly give them a reason, especially when they’re stationary. If they’re walking then they generally require a reason– direct is usually easiest, or some bullshit indirect question but make sure you transition fast to your real intent.