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You have to ask yourself this question: right now, if she wants a date with you, is she certain that she could have it? From what you’ve given us, the answer is a resounding yes. She’s certain. You invited her once, validated her a couple of times, and implied an invitation once. So, if she’s certain she could have the date, but she’s not moving the interaction in that direction, what can we say about her interest? It’s probably not that high. There is nothing you can do to increase her interest by text. You can only mess up and lower your own value. The more you text back and forth while settling for less than she knows you want – a date – the more you will lower your value. Yes, it’s time to drop off. The fact that she responded quickly is good. It means that dropping off may work in creating the emotional vacuum that she needs to commit to getting together. I would continue this behavior if you get a date. Hang out with her, tease her, play with her, but don’t make it absolutely certain that you want another date. End the date early. Don’t make plans for another one. You have to raise your value in her eyes.