Dealing With Physical Challenges When Dating

by Eric Disco
Feb 13

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Possibly one of the most important benefits of approaching a lot of women is that you no longer pin your failure on things like looks, money, etc.

You start to realize there are other things in your personality, your body language, your voice tone, your overall behavior that are effecting your success with women.

Making small tweaks at a time, you start to tune up your game. You walk away from a “failure” and you no longer calculate your looks into the equation.

Most guys are not supermodels. Most guys have some “physical challenge” that would seem to put them at a disadvantage. But the challenge is actually slightly different than you would perceive it.

There’s an interesting site called Short Person Support. A lot of the articles from that site aren’t necessarily useful for pickup and dating, but one article in particular provides the right mind frame for dealing with different physical challenges.

All men, at some point in life, get hurt. The majority of men get rejected. Most men get turned down by women, or left by women. Most men get rejected by a potential employer. All men struggle, at some point in life, in some way, irrespective of their height. Life is a struggle. Chances are however, if you are a short man, your shortness will be the reason you attribute to every attempt that you fail, and every hurt that you feel. The reason for this is simple. At some point in your history, your height was the reason that something went wrong. And after that, it was the easiest thing to blame. It may have stopped you asking the real questions that you should have been asking yourself. You were blinded by your height. But you were crippled, helpless, because your height was the one thing you couldn’t change.

People who feel helpless cannot help themselves, because, well, they are helpless. They are isolated, alone. And the short man, faced with this predicament, in a world in which he cannot speak about his problem, can become his own worst enemy. Introversion and self doubt set in. The short man can find himself locked in a prison, largely of his own making, though not through his own fault. The short man can only start the process of self fulfillment, and of liberation, when he can face the fact that other factors may have been involved. Bizarrely enough, he may have to start questioning himself on many other, more legitimate levels.

How do you get to the point where you aren’t insecure about your looks? It takes practice. For me it has taken repeated rejection and failure to get to the real thing keeping me from being successful with women: my behavior.

And when the painful rejection comes I embrace it. It is my friend. It is my indicator, my barometer that I am moving forward out of that prison I’ve created for myself.


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