"It took a lot of guts to come up to me the way you did."

by Eric Disco
Aug 2

I’m moving closer to my goal of being able to regularly open five sets a day, just going about my business. What I’ve been working on lately is commute game.

I love the routine of walking up to a girl, asking for her directions and then saying “Actually, I just wanted to say hi,” or “I just wanted to come flirt with you.” And then “My name’s Eric.”

In my opinion, it works better than anything else because it’s 100% clear that you are about to have a conversation if she doesn’t put the brakes on.

It’s about 9000 degrees as I step onto the subway platform. I begin my usual walk along the platform in search of women. I see this cute girl sitting down on a bench. Short red hair and huge blue eyes. Yum. Do I sit down next to her? I walk past and turn around. No eye contact. A few seconds later she stands up.

She’s cute. I walk over to her.

Me: “Can you tell me how to get to the Q train?”

She closes her eyes and thinks as hard as she can.

Me: “Actually, I just wanted to say hi.”

Boom, instant attraction. She smiles and while looking slightly away. I’m at around a 45 degree angle from her, but close enough to kino.

“My name’s Eric.” She tells me her name is Tasha.

I ask her if she’s skipping out on work. She says she doesn’t work on Tuesdays. I say “Oh my god, I want your job.”

She’s young. In college. She has the cutest smile. We talk some more. She eventually says she has a boyfriend, but kino’s me at the same time.

The train comes. She sits down between two other people and there’s no other seats on the train. I try to decide if I should keep talking to her while she’s seated and I’m standing and decide not to.

The person next to her gets up at the next stop and she looks up at me and pats the seat next to her.

I sit down. She’s got her datebook out and she’s reading. I start up conversation again and she closes the book. My stop comes. She says “Oh this is your stop? I can get off here too.” She follows me out.

We walk up stairs and she’s getting on a different train, I’m leaving. I ask her for her e-mail. We do the pen and paper shuffle and she says to me “It took a lot of guts to come up to me the way you did.”


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