Coaching from Eric Disco

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Single Session Zoom/Phone Coaching

  • Personal one-on-one coaching with Eric Disco
  • Learn how to meet and date the hottest women
  • Change the dynamics in a problematic relationship
  • Get the skills that get the girl
  • Tactics to eliminate flakes and get girls chasing you
  • Take your confidence to the next level
  • Video/Phone Coaching: $90 per 30 min session, sliding scale available for packages


Eric Disco Coaching Reviews

“I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was going from step to step, week to week. It took a lot of the pressure off.

It wasn’t ‘Day one: Approach 40 women.’ That would have been too much and not sustainable. There’s no way you’d be able to continue. You have to start out doing something long-term daily.

It’s pretty ridiculous, the things I’ve done, compared to what I did before. I went from approaching zero women to probably two or three hundred. I’ve lost count. I have no idea how many I’ve approached. I’ve gotten tons of numbers. I’ve dated a lot of women. I’ve hooked up with many of them.”  – John Martin, New York, NY


When I started, I was completely unable to talk to a girl I didn’t know. It felt weird, unnatural and ultimately impossible. Now, I can approach girls that are VERY attractive and start a conversation.

Eric’s program progressively challenges you in small steps. You never feel like you are being thrown to the wolves, as he guides you through each step. The progressive stepwise approach is very doable for anyone, and in a very short amount of time, you WILL actually impress yourself! And there’s no one better to guide you through each step than Eric.”  – Marcus Favela, Phildelphia, PA


I was almost in tears today in gratitude to you. I picked up a 10… not a 9… but a 10 at the park today (it was a solid close too, she expressed how much she is looking forward for me to call her)… then I had 2 french girls make out with me today at the bar.

It was a full day of game, not my usual… but before you a full day off meant going to the studio and making music ALONE, and catching up with friends (MALE).

Today was truly fulfilling a need of mine that I have had for YEARS. Thank you so much for all the training you have given me man. I am very grateful to you. I hope you raise your prices one day bro… you are giving away too much value for too little money.” -Jason Acevedo, New York, NY


“Eric shattered my reality by showing me what is possible. This course was a huge influence on my development.

Now if I see a woman I want (not NEED) to meet, I walk up to her and meet her…no games, scripts, neediness, or insincere bullshit.

Working with Eric was definitely one of, if not THE, best personal growth courses I’ve ever had the good fortune of experiencing.” – Spence Richards, Chicago, IL


“Prior to The Six Step Method, I had terrible fear of approaching women and I couldn’t explain why it was getting worse. I would see a cute girl and literally freeze up.

Through The Six Step Method, I was re-born. The process was broken down into manageable steps and after about a month I felt like a different person. I began to think of things to say, to open girls almost automatically and get really good responses. After practicing The Six Step Method, I have picked up and dated three of the hottest girls in my law school.

I number closed a former playmate (Miss September 2004), and several models.

I’m still chasing the same day lay but I’m sure it will come. I’ve brought about 20 girls back to my apartment during this spring and summer (usually during a second or third date). Three of those were from social circle, the rest were from cold approach. I slept with six them, four of whom were from cold approach.” – Parker Reston, New York, NY


“I’m no expert by any measure, but life is much different since finishing the program. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s been a difference of night and day.

Your approach works because it’s a strategy to cultivate confidence. Lately I’ve been able to focus less on trying or wanting to approach – I just do it or I don’t. I can get further into discussions with women with much more ease than before. Directly approaching is fun instead of painful.

Probably the biggest change, though, is how women have been responding to me after the pick up. Now they’re much more sexually charged, much more desirous, much more energetically attracted to me. There’s a big difference between sex with a woman who you can get to sleep with you and sex with one who’s been wanting to fuck you all night.” – Michael Bratton, New York, NY


Before the Six Step Method, I couldn’t even ask someone what time it was. Now, I go out some days like a seek-and-destroy missile. When I see a beautiful woman, I’m there. I have the tools to start a conversation and be interesting, engaging, and attractive from the start.

I still have difficulty sometimes. Change takes time. But I’m constantly amazed at the things I can do now.” – Jacob Pollard, Baltimore, MD