Feb 8

There is no reason to not escalate. You do not get any points for being the “nice guy.” It’s only in the movies that the woman says “Wow, that’s so nice. You weren’t trying to have sex with me. You like me for me!” This is not to say that you should constantly be hitting

Jan 31

“As Hinde (1974), in writing on the biological bases of human social behavior suggests, over-aggression in a male can frighten off prospective mates.” This lesson is clear to us. Aggression is bad. You will scare her off. It doesn’t take more than one bad approach, where a woman gets creeped out, for an introverted guy

Nov 9

Last night I met up with this girl who I picked up in the park last Tuesday. We ended up going to dinner, although I usually prefer just drinks for a lot of reasons. This girl is amazing. Very cool and really cute, cuter than most girls I’ve gone out with before. A year ago,