Can you See the Matrix?

by Eric Disco
Jun 16

How many times have you walked away from an interaction and then a few minutes later thought:

“I should have said _____!”

In The Game, Neil Strauss uses a great analogy for guys who are great with women.

You see the matrix.

In the movie The Matrix, time slows down when Neo becomes a master.

He dodges bullets that come at him, in what feels like, slow motion.

This is what happens in interactions with women when you get good. But not just when you get good, when you get relaxed.

The first interaction of the day, I’m tense.

An interaction can feel like it’s going at 500 miles per hour. It’s over before the blink of an eye.

This is because I’m not comfortable with the vast spectrum of possibility, the full range of responses I may get from women.

But then I interact with a woman or two. I typically walk away thinking, “I could have said ______. But I didn’t.”

That’s okay.

Because the next interaction, I’m ready.

It seems like there are a billion different possibilities when you say something to a woman.

But in actuality, there are usually only a certain number of responses–even less if you are practicing by saying the same thing to different women.

With every initiative you take, you get closer and closer to “seeing the matrix.”

Those bullets come at you slower and slower.

A girl says, “Thanks for your help.”

And instead of reflexively saying, “You’re welcome,” in nice-guy mode, you say:

“Where would you be without me?” with a wink and a smile.

The more consistent you are with your initiatives, the faster your reflexes.

Until you’re in the zone…

Exactly where you want to be.


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