Break Her Routine

by Eric Disco
Aug 4

We get into the elevator. She’s facing forward. I’m facing forward.

“How you doing today?” I ask.

“Goodhowareyou” she mumbles out.

My response: Silence. I wait for it… She glances over at me…

I get a dramatic look on my face and start to speak slowly. “I’m… a little hungry. But it’s nothing to worry about. It happens to me a couple times a day. I’m sure after lunch I’ll be fine.”

She laughs.


I do this everywhere I go. Snap people out of their routines.

Whenever I step up to a counter to order something, I’ll ask how they’re doing. They ask me how I’m doing and expect a “Fine thanks, I’ll have a large order of…”

Instead, I use this opportunity to fuck with her. In a good way, of course. A way that makes her smile.

“I’m wonderful!” I tell her. “I thought you’d never ask!”

Part of all of this is to wait that split second longer to respond. It builds up the tension.

When you meet a girl, high-five her instead of shaking her hand. Why? For the sole reason that it gets her out of her routine. She’s used to something and you’re giving her something different.

Something fun.

Something unexpected.

If I ask “how are you,” oftentimes I’ll get a lame-ass sounding “good.”

I call her on it.

“That didn’t sound good! Oh my god, you hate mondays, don’t you?”

It’s not an easy thing to do at first. You’ll want to go with the flow and not mess with someone’s day. But once you start to do this, you get a feel for taking initiative and taking control of social interactions from the very start. It’s great practice and lot’s of fun.


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