6 - How to Transition into Personal Conversation the Easy Way
Jan 25

This post is from Hurricane Lee. You can approach girls. You can ask for the time. You can ask for directions. You can ask a few related follow-up questions But you can’t transition into a personal conversation. Sounds familiar? You are not alone. Everyone starting out in game has the same problem. Everyone. Why? Because

7 - Always Be Closing
Jan 4

Lee is always forwarding me entries from Craigslist Missed Connections. It’s for people who have had interactions with strangers but didn’t get to exchange contact info. A lot of times you see posts where a girl was into a guy, but she just didn’t act in time. Or act right. And she missed her chance.

8 - Where Guys Go Wrong When They Meet a Girl They Really Like
Dec 25

At some point, you realize that what you’re doing just isn’t working. You’re too tame, too friendly, too passive, and too nice. Too many opportunities are slipping through your fingers because you aren’t making the move. So you learn new strategies that are edgier, bolder, and more sexual. You start to take risks with attractive

10 - Not Being Outcome Dependent with Women How Most People Get It Wrong and What To Do Instead
Nov 27

One of the most commonly discussed concepts in dating is not being ‘outcome dependent.’ The idea is that during interactions with women you shouldn’t be too focused on getting a specific result. That result could be: getting a good reaction from her getting a phone number getting a date having sex getting into a relationship

Nov 7

This is a guest post by Chase Amante, founder of dating advice company Girls Chase. There she is: the most beautiful girl in the club. Or bar. Or in your class, or office, or the corner coffee shop, or the computer lab. You know… that place you always go to, and keep thinking to yourself

Nov 1

“Skate to where the puck’s going to be, not to where it has been.” This is the advice Walter Gretzky gave to his son, hockey great Wayne Gretzky. When you’re a beginner, it’s an accomplishment to simply have a conversation with an attractive woman. But once you’ve had a fair amount of conversations, text exchanges,

Oct 23

Pickup Podcast is the premier name in the business when it comes to audio interviews. In this interview we discuss my new book, “She’s Six Steps Away” and give away excellent tips for guys who have trouble starting conversations with attractive women. What is approach anxiety? How to get past approach anxiety Why you need

Oct 18

A guy I know caught his girlfriend cheating on him. But instead of leaving her, he stuck around for months playing tug of war over the girl with the other guy. Who would put up with a girl openly cheating on him? Who would put up with a girl treating him like shit? When a