Believe the Unbelievable

by Eric Disco
Mar 8

I’m not where I want to be. All of this is killing me.

I’ve been doing way too much. Working too much. Running around. And I’m not enjoying it.

I have almost no free time to myself. I’m running myself ragged.

I don’t like where I’m at and how it feels.

I’m jumpy all the time, and rushing from thing to thing. I’m getting overwhelmed.

I feel like I don’t have time for anything in my life. All I want is a little free time.

So I’ve started a new affirmation.

My life is leisurely and relaxed.

How can this affirmation help me here? Isn’t that just wishful thinking?

I could quit coaching, the thing I’m passionate about and just relax. But then I would get into something else.

I could work more until I’ve launched my own multi-million dollar business. But then I’d be even more busy. Think Bill Gates can take a month off and just chill out?

I’m actually pretty happy where I am. I love the thrill of the challenges that lie before me. I just feel rushed and pressured.

So I say my affirmations.

And what happens is a change where it is the most important: in my mind.

The change doesn’t happen right away. But whenever I’m on the subway train, I start to say it.

My life is leisurely and relaxed.

The first thing that happens is that I start to notice things in my life that aren’t leisurely and relaxed.

I’m walking around at a hundred miles an hour. So I slow down.

I’m sitting there and thoughts start popping into my head.

I need a haircut. I need to schedule with this person. I need to do this or that on the computer. I need to go to the dentist.

Those racing thoughts popping into my head are not leisurely and relaxed. So I notice them now, and I say my affirmation.

My life is leisurely and relaxed.

And I start to relax.

I start to notice things in my life that are leisurely and relaxed.

I have some friends who just had a baby. It’s relaxing to go over their place and chill out.

You can’t do anything with a baby. And that’s part of why it makes it so relaxing to just chill.

So I start to hang out with them more.

My life is starting to become leisurely and relaxed.

My affirmation helps me. It has to do with the way I say it. I’m not trying to convince myself of something that isn’t. I’m not lying to myself.

But when I say the words in my head, the thoughts that conflict with those words suddenly pop out at me.

All of a sudden those other unrelaxed, unleisurely thoughts seem out of place, just because I’m saying the words.

I don’t have to believe the words when I say it, I just have to say it.

It also has to do with how I say it.

I’m not screaming at myself, trying to get myself to comply. GOD-DAMMIT, YOU WILL BE LEISURELY AND RELAXED, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!

No, I say it in a calm, soothing tone. Like a parent soothing a child.

If someone told you, your life is leisurely and relaxed, how would you react?

You would first probably see if what they’re saying is true.

You would look at your life and pick out what is leisurely and relaxed, and what isn’t. Some things would be and some things wouldn’t be.

The things that aren’t would stick out. And the things that are, would fit in to what that person was saying.

You could probably tell that person, my life is 38.4% leisurely and relaxed, and 61.6% unrelaxed.

What begins to happen is that the little things in my life become leisurely and relaxed.

I stop rushing, even though I have many things to do. I don’t let random thoughts of things to do crowd my head.

There is nothing in this outside world that I will accomplish that will make me leisurely and relaxed. It’s a state of mind and it happens from moment to moment.

If I can be leisurely and relaxed from moment to moment, I am leisurely and relaxed.

My life is leisurely and relaxed now, because I put myself there. I still have all these outside pressures, but I am in a relaxed state of mind.

How does this apply to women?

The same thing works with women. If you say to yourself, women are attracted to me everywhere I go, you aren’t lying to yourself.

You may get thoughts that women aren’t attracted to you. In fact, you will get these thoughts. That’s the point of affirmations.

But those thoughts will start to seem out of place. You’ve got this other person telling you everywhere you go that women are attracted to you.

Yes, you may doubt whether women are truly attracted to you, but for the first time in your life, you will begin to doubt whether women aren’t attracted to you.

Instead of just looking for negative signs like you normally do, you will look for positive signs that women are attracted.

Positive self-talk can help you in any area of your life where you need to change your state of mind.

And what happens next is nothing short of unbelievable.


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