Banter Saves The Day

by Eric Disco
Aug 13

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As luck would have it, I end up sitting next to this very cute girl on the plane. It’s a night flight to LA.

The aisle is three seats across. I’m sitting in the window seat and there’s another woman on the other side of the cute girl.

I start talking about some guy who was thrown off the plane because he was drunk. The drunk guy had been sitting next to me in the terminal and had fallen all over me a couple of times.

“What’s with all these drunk guys and hot girls always trying to touch me?”

The banter begins.

If I had to choose only one attraction tool of all the tools out there, I would choose banter. There’s so much you can do with it. It’s the Swiss army knife of pickup.

I keep up the banter with her. She’s talking to her friend on the phone, trying to get an address. “Okay, I need a pen,” she says.

I whip out a pen.

“Thanks,” she says.

I pull out a notebook. “Oh awesome,” she says.

“Oh my god, what would you do without me?” I say. She laughs.

She gets off the phone. I continue to banter with her as the flight attendant goes over safety instructions. I tell her to memorize the instructions in case I need her to repeat it to me later during an emergency.

The woman on the other side of the girl I’m talking to is amazed.

She asks if we know each other.

That’s the first and most beautiful thing about banter. I’d only known this cutey literally three minutes and it felt like we were best friends. Banter tricks the person’s brain into feeling like she’s known you forever. And she loves it. Normally only close friends feel this kind of freedom to joke with each other like this.

The plane takes off.

Me and cute girl end up sharing a blanket. She keeps pulling it off accidentally. “If I freeze to death, it’s your fault,” I tell her.

That’s the second beautiful thing about banter. To the untrained eye, it would seem that I’m just busting on her. Nobody else knows what’s happening. But I can sense her attraction increase.

Soon we are leaning up against each other. There’s still a wall between us, physically, but the girl is telling me what she does. I can hear the irritation in her voice as she talks about her job. So I let her finish but banter the conversation to another place.

We are soon bantering a role play about what we’re gonna do if the plane lands in the ocean. After that we’re quiet for a while. I could start up conversation again, but I don’t. I let the tension build between us.

The plane is dark and both of us are under the blanket. I slowly lift the arm rest between us. She turns to me and puts the blanket on my shoulder. “Are you okay?” she says.

I don’t say anything. I’m closer to her now, physically, and I can feel her heart beat faster and her breath increase.

For a while more we are quiet. The entire plane is dark and hushed. A few people are talking softly, but it’s 2 a.m. and most people are asleep.

I glance over to see if she’s still awake. She is.

I move to get comfortable. I drop my hand in her lap under the blanket. It’s a careful move, because I really don’t want to creep this girl out, considering she’s next to me for this whole flight.

She doesn’t move my hand. She’s wearing shorts and I can feel her smooth legs beneath my hand.

A minute or two later I start to move them a bit.

She’s still for a while. Then I feel her hand move on top of mine. She starts caressing it.

My hand begins to move up in between her legs.

She turns to me and mumbles something like “Did you say something?” I look at her hot, flushed face and open mouth and start to kiss her.

We start to make-out like crazy as hands rush over each other underneath the blanket on this dark and quiet ride.


Our tongues are in each other’s mouths as the plane touches down. Both of us are drowning in that ecstatic feeling.

We walk out to the terminal together. Awkward?

No way, I’ve got banter!!

I make fun of her a bit.

We end up exchanging numbers. “Oh my god, I don’t even know your name,” I say to her. “What’s wrong with us??” I smile.

I leave her with a hug as she says “Call me!” I walk off to catch a cab.

After she picks up her luggage, I see her again where the cabs are. No need for this to get awkward.

“Oh my god, are you following me? That’s so cute!” I say.

Once again, banter saves the day.


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