Approach On The Dancefloor

by Eric Disco
Mar 17

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There’s sweat dripping from the ceiling. This place is ON FIRE.

Wall to wall people. Dancing. Afro-cuban music on the sound system.

Cute girls, of every race, dancing to the music. You have to squeeze to get past people it’s so packed in.

There are single girls here tonight. You better believe it. AND THEY’RE NOT DANCING WITH ANYONE.

There are groups of guys, cool-looking guys, not douchebags, dancing near these girls.


They keep hoping the girl will turn and dance with them.

But she doesn’t.

The situation is quite simple, once you do it once or twice. The dance floor seems to be a little bit different than any other situation.

I see this cute asian girl dancing alone. So I grab her hand. I move it over her hand to make her spin. I pull her into me.

She’s into it.

Why? Because I’m a hot slab of beefcake? Not really. I’ve spent countless nights watching other girls dance with guys.

She dances with me because I put myself out there. I take the risk.

I pull her into me and we start dancing. I “go down” on her by lifting her hands in the air and running my hands down her arms, down the sides of her body, down past her hips and scrape my hands on her jeans as I slowly go down into a squat.

I do the same thing coming back up.

She does the same thing to me.

“You’re a really good dancer,” I tell her. “So are you,” she says to me.

I pull her in and let her “ride” my thigh. It’s practically sex on the dancefloor. She is so ready to go.

Was it me? No! Well, kinda. But this place is on fire. It’s not that hard as long as you are willing to make a bold move.

We keep dancing and grinding. I pull her in and dance close. I push her away after a while and dance far. I spin her. I grab her front pockets and pull her back into me.

I’m not that great a dancer. Really. I just know four or five fun sexy things to do on the dancefloor and keep doing it.

We start to talk and vibe. She’s asking me questions about myself. Where do I live. “What do you do, if you don’t mind me asking.”

I don’t need to run very much banter. She’s already into me.
We dance some more.

“Oh my god, you are so sexy. I HATE YOU.” I say. Then *smack* on the ass.

She laughs and pulls me in. I run her hands over my chest.

Okay, I’m starting to get REALLY turned on right now.

She’s here with her friends. I’m not willing to put the time and effort in to pull this girl back to my place. I don’t even really want her phone number. I don’t have time for any more girlfriends right now.

After an hour or so of dancing I ask her where she’s going after this. She says she’s going to talk to her friends. I tell her to go find her friends and we say goodbye.


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