Amp Attraction When You're Next To Her

by Eric Disco
Sep 13

I’m out with her. We’re in the bar having drinks. Joking. Connecting. Touching.

During the interaction I position myself to show interest and disinterest in our conversation.

When she presents something interesting, I turn toward her and face her more. My hips are positioned toward her, my eyes lock eyes with hers and my shoulders are turned more toward her.

When I’m just having fun and busting on her, I face away from her. I’m right next to her, both of us looking out toward the bar.

When I’m just chilling out and facing away from her, I noticed that there are two ways I could do it.

One way is to put my arm around her. It’s nice, I can pull her in. She’s there with me in the bar, and everyone knows it. She’s okay with this.

But there’s a second way, which is much more effective, and I can tell she’s much more comfortable with.

Picture me sitting next to her, both of us facing forward. She has her legs crossed, either toward me or away from me. I reach over the front of her and place my hand on her lap.

This makes it so that she is almost sitting slightly behind me. My right shoulder is pretty much in front of her left shoulder.

This is a very comfortable position for her. And my hand in her lap allows for some very nice sexual escalation that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

I do something similar when I’m standing with her. You can face her or you can stand next to her, both facing the same direction.

Next time you are both facing the same direction, step slightly in front of her, so that your shoulder is in front of hers. Almost as if she’s coming up behind you and rubbing her breasts on you.

And yes, you can feel her breast on your shoulder when you do this.

If you’re out, playing pool or looking at paintings in the bar, or whatever you’re doing, try positioning yourself like this and notice how much she gets into it.

This positioning reflects an overall perfect attitude to have with women during seduction.

You’re the man. The alpha male. And she’s special. She’s there with you. It’s not the other way around. You’re not there to please her. You’re not there to look out for her feelings. She doesn’t want that.

Yes, you are tuned into her. You can read her like a book. And you communicate with her on different level.

At the Art of Seduction, Lance told a story about when he was with a girl. After they’d had sex, she said that she’d had an orgasm and was wondering if he could tell.

“Baby, I don’t really care about that,” he joked, “all that matters is that I came!”

But the lesson is real. She’s in your world, not the other way round. She’s following you because you’re the man. Having a woman come is a wonderful thing, but that’s not your first priority.

I’m a feminist. I truly believe that women need to be treated with more respect and equality in the workplace. They still get paid 70 cents for every dollar a man makes–for doing the same work. This needs to change.

But in the bedroom, there is no equality. It’s not tit for tat. She wants you to lead and be the man.

I used to be too sensitive to women. Every moment I was looking out for her needs. My relationships were like a wet blanket.

And it wasn’t her fault. I didn’t even like myself in those relationships. In actuality, I was the one being needy.

Now things are different. And as beautiful as they ever could be.


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