A Promise I Made a Long Time Ago

by Eric Disco
May 22

You guys probably got tired of hearing about it on here.

I got tired of telling people I was working on it.

And then responding to questions 6 months or a year later.

I felt pressure to get it done soon.

I met internet marketers and they urged me to “monetize” this site.

Believe me, I’m not against money.

But that’s not my main motivation.

You see, I had a dream.

Six years ago, walking through the park on a spring day, I was about to speak with a woman.

I had learned some skills in a workshop that weekend. And come Monday, I expected to use those skills.

But then it all came back: Approach Anxiety.

Walking through the park, I was hit with it all again. And I didn’t understand why.

There was no one out there talking about it. At best, people gave a cursory explanation.

But the more I met guys out there trying to do the same thing I was, the more I realized: approach anxiety is a HUGE obstacle.

In fact, it is THE obstacle for most men.

Guys I knew read “The Game” and got all excited. And then when they went out to put into practice what they’d read, they were hit by a huge wall of emotions and negative thoughts that left them paralyzed.

Guys love to talk about meeting women. Guys love to read about it. But when it comes to actually doing it, there are very, very few who consistently do it.

And it makes sense that approach anxiety is such a problem for guys trying to improve themselves with women.

If a guy could walk up and talk to ten women a day, chances are, he could figure a lot of this stuff out on his own.

Most guys who come to “the community,” are doing so to get past the inhibition that keeps them from being “themselves.”

They can be fun, relaxed and personable around their friends. But put them in front of a gorgeous woman and they turn into the walking dead.

That day, walking through the park, I resolved to “figure” this thing out. I registered the domain name, ApproachAnxiety.com and began a journey.

That day six years ago, I decided I would write a book. I would map out the inner workings of my mind and body.

I would venture out into that deep, dark forest and leave a trail of breadcrumbs so that other guys could follow in my path.

As I wrote about my experiences, my daily approaches, I started to get a following on my blog.

After a few years writing about this stuff on here, I put together a book. But it simply wasn’t ready.

I wasn’t ready.

I started a one-on-one coaching program.

Helping other guys get past their anxiety changed everything for me. I was no longer just talking about my own experience.

I took guys in who were unable to even speak with one woman. They learned how to get into meaningful interactions with women every day-on their own–not just with me helping them.

I continued to write my book.

I was getting closer now that I had a full program and was helping guys through it.

But I still wasn’t ready.

Writing a captivating blog post is one thing.? Writing a captivating book is another.

So I kept on. Community gurus came and went.

People kept asking me, “How’s the book coming along, Eric?”

“Good,” I said.

Do they think this is a pipe dream of mine? I wondered.

I didn’t care.

Every morning, I woke at 5 AM and wrote for three hours. I did this for three years.

If I were doing this for the money, I would have quit a long time ago.

I could have made more money ten times over in ten different ways.

But that’s not what I live for.

I have to write.

I write because it’s inside me and it’s what I love to do.

My dream kept me going. Day to day, knowing that I will get this book out kept my spirits alive.

With every ridge I climb, I feel like the mountain top will be right around the corner. I get there and see I have further to climb.

That’s okay, because I love the climb now. It has changed who I am.

The book is now ready.

I can finally say that this is the best possible program out there.

It allows guys to train themselves to get past inhibition like an Olympian trains his body.

Muscular, sleek and ready for the most important moments of his life.

This Thursday I release my program, She’s Six Steps Away. I deliver on a promise I made to myself on a single day years ago.

This will be the beginning for guys who have a desire to get out there but are crippled as their mind works against them.

Hope you enjoy it.



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