Relationship Podcast with Glenn P and Eric Disco

by Eric Disco
Feb 27

Glenn and I sat down on Sunday and answered all of your fabulous questions about relationships.

Get ready for some killer insight into the minds of some seasoned relationship experts who have been in the game for a while.

Some of the stuff we cover

  • What to do and say when a girl gets flakey
  • How to maintain casual relationships without lying to anyone involved
  • Maintaining long-distance relationships and relationships while traveling
  • How to go from a casual to a serious relationship
  • How to maintain serious relationships and get what you want
  • The pros and cons of serious relationships and monogamy

Download the podcast here or listen below


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5 responses
KL says:

Thanks guys, it was super educational. A lot of good stuff.

Eric Disco says:

Yup. Hope that answered your Oscars question. We had fun with this.


JK says:

Really informative guys!
Question, if you were in the situation of the girl in the last question what would you do? How long would you put up without any sort of commitment?

Eric Disco says:

If she’s not getting what she wants, it’s her responsibility to make it clear him that if she doesn’t get what she wants, she’s going to leave. It’s pretty similar to what a guy would do. She should start pulling away. Let him know that she’s losing interest in the current arrangement.

She should avoid ultimatums if possible (“If I don’t get a commitment, I’m leaving!”) because that doesn’t change the way he FEELS it only changes his level of commitment. And if his feelings don’t coincide with that level of commitment, he’s going to feel cramped and claustrophobic.

She can use the same tactics a guy would use to get she wants. I talk about that here in this article, How to Get Her to Be Your Girlfriend.


Chrys says:

Guys thanks too , the problem solution could be lying under a post jake p did about clarity.. Take a look at it and thank again