You Should Probably Say Hi

by Eric Disco
Nov 11


posted in Initiative and Inhibition

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Charles says:


Enough motivation to last a lifetime

Thanks Eric

Crebral says:

That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing Eric.

Francis says:

One word:


Thanks for sharing Eric!

GlennP says:

Writing that I liked this video is what I did with one of my seconds!

dave says:

Greet video! Looks like YOUR glass always appears half FULL in your eyes!

MrAntiquity says:

the fact that approach anxiety is costing me 31,557,600 women every year is annoying yet motivating :)

Ariel says:

Wow.. how much we are alike. How much are problems are universal.. – that look of hesitation at the guy’s face , exactly what I go through .. exactly why I got into pick-up.
I can now say with confidence, a large part thanks to Eric, that stage is behind me, and anybody can get past it.

Dan Murray says:

I love it! Thanks for sharing. Who knows where life will take you if you take action.

KL says:

I love that video. I’m sharing it with some friends.

C says:

I want that 124 seconds of my life back

BDubs says:

Deep video, and very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing. I might have to download this for future emboldenment.

Dylan says:

Am I the only one who found this really painful to watch?

I mean its motivating but fuck, it also hurts.

dave says:

Dylan – You are NOT alone! I felt a sense of “victory”(?) in seeing the woman walk away without being sarcastic, insulting or putting me through some kind of s–t test for her own amusement. It sounds like you are able to see some kind of light by being motivated by it!

Mickey says:

@Dave & Dylan: I understand completely. It’s really sad to think that gender relations have deteriorated so badly (at least in my experience) that a guy can feel some kind of relief that a woman DOESN’T mock him after an encounter merely for the fun of it.

I’m sure Lee will kill me yet again for holding my ground on this, but, it is what it is.

Lee says:

What are you doing when you talk to these girls, a bloody kitchen knife or something? This doesn’t match the experience of any of our students. Men get rejected all the time, but mocked? Almost never. Here is something I do when I see women eating something in the subway or park. I ask them: “Can save me the last bite?” Maybe one in five says no. Women usually ask if I’m really hungry or just joking but I never get an angry reaction. What vicious world are you living in, Mickey?


Mickey says:


For what it’s worth: yes, I’ve been mocked, and yes, I’ve been laughed at. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the silky smooth approach skills that guys like you, Eric and several other successful posters obviously have. For me, my approach failures only got worse over time and, frankly, I got tired of having to defend myself all the time and trying to prove that I’m otherwise reasonably sane.

As you told me about a year ago, one has to believe that there is a possibility of success out there, even if it’s for someone else. I agree with that. But, I’ve also come to the realization that if success isn’t for you in any particular arena, there’s no point in killing yourself looking for something that just ain’t there.

So, for better or worse, I don’t stick my neck out anymore.

Patrick says:

Great vid Eric. Such a good way to show what could happen – two such different outcomes….

W says:

you don’t put your hand in front of you like this guy. it’s again savoir vive’s rules! … although it helps breaking the ice :P

J says:

Only 50/50 that his life could have turned out like that – I didn’t notice any approach signals from her in the video

MrAntiquity says:

never look for ‘approach signals’.

Feel. Act.

I’ve never gotten any ‘approach signals’ from any girls I’ve dated.

Lee says:

At best, any approach is a low probability bet. People are just not that compatible. This video isn’t trying to say that every approach is going to get you the girl. This video is saying that without that approach, you’re never going to get that girl, not even the girl who, otherwise, might have been the love of your life. That’s the deep thought for the day, not whether this girl was giving this guy approach signals.


dave says:

j – Eric and Lee are trying to show us that it is your own attitude and outlook that makes up for the “bad” 50%. If you took that stance, would you be able to just start a conversation with her, as per the video?

Ariel says:

Actually, I remember her giving him this shy look that seemed quite an IOI to me.
My experience lately seems to be 1 out of 5, where there’s a good connection, another 1/2 of 5 that is clear rejection, another 2/3 polite going nowhere.

dave says:

Ariel – You did not mention how you felt about the “2/3 polite going nowhere” conversations that you had. Sounds like you were somewhat encouraged?

Ariel says:

Dave – not sure I am following what you are asking

Fabricio says:

amazing!! its true, everything starts in a second ahah