The Instant You See Her

by Eric Disco
May 31

What do you think about right when you see a gorgeous girl?

If you think any of the following, you’re going to have a hard time:

  • What do I say?
  • Am I good enough for her?
  • This won’t work.
  • I’m gonna get rejected.

If any of those thoughts are running through your mind, you’re gonna have problems.

In fact thinking much at all can be a problem.

Anyone who’s been in a high-pressure situation knows how thinking can kill your ability to take action.

But how is it possible to just stop thinking?

You can’t do it.

So, is it impossible to get better with women?

It’s not. And I’ll prove it to you.

What do you think about when you tie your shoe?

Nothing. You do it automatically.

You probably don’t even remember tying your shoes this morning.

You probably tied your shoe hundreds of times this year without thinking about it.

Did you try NOT to think about it? No.

You’ve PRACTICED this so many times that you do it automatically with your body.

Here’s something you can start to do right now:

Don’t allow yourself TIME to think.

Every time you see a gorgeous woman, put yourself next to her.

Don’t talk with her. Just stand next to her.

This works.

But guess what (and this is important)…

It doesn’t work right away. The first time you do it, you won’t meet the woman of your dreams.

But the more you practice it, the more it becomes a HABIT, something you don’t even think about.

And then you move on to the next step.

How easy do you want approaching women to be?

It’s all up to you.

Hesitate, and it may be too late.

Get it here while you still can:

ShesSix Steps


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9 responses
Socialkenny says:

I don’t get the point of this routine Disco.

Well your next step should address this I believe,but I really don’t see how this works unless it’s pushing yourself to feel comfort next to an HB.

Eric Disco says:

If you open indirect with a woman, your first move, once you see her, should be to get in physical proximity to her.


Alex_B says:

Eric I’m having great success following your program but I am curious
, do you think you will get the same level of long term success if you don’t journal your experience? Ive been writing down the numbers but not necessarily writing about the experience.

Eric Disco says:

Hi Alex,

Journaling is one of the best things you can do. When I write my experiences, I tend to remember a lot more the lessons I learned. I would forget a lot of things I’ve done if I hadn’t written it down.

However, a lot of great guys I know do not journal their experiences. I don’t think it’s absolutely critical.

What is critical is writing down your goals. If your goal this week is to compliment three people every day, write down that goal. This is super important. You can even go out and get gold stars for yourself and put it on your paper for every day you talk with a woman.

This allows you to look back on what you did and feel a great sense of accomplishment. It helps you lose outcome dependency because you count your accomplishments based on what you do rather than whether you got a good reaction from a girl.


Nick says:

Hey Eric just to follow up on my previous posts. I ended up seeing my gorgeous neighbor again this week. I talked to her briefly again and she mentioned where she worked. It happened to be only a few blocks from where I work surprisingly so I invited her to go walking sometime as there is a popular walking area nearby.

I said let me give you my number if you want to meet up sometime after work then I gave her my number. I did not ask for hers and she didn’t offer it.

I guess I have two questions at this point:

1. Did I completely screw up by giving my number ? At the time it seemed like a good idea because it wasn’t that I didn’t approach (I did twice) then offered my number casually. I thought of it as a subtle uncomfortable way to show interest. Also as well, since the girl was extremely hot I’m sure she’s been asked her number a lot. I figured it was a little more original just offer mine like ‘meh’.

2. My interaction with her (more so the second time) was kinda ‘interview style’ where I felt like I was asking questions and driving the conversation. I feel like on one hand I need to fix a lot of my techniques but on the other it seems like I just sometimes do not meet the right girl.

Case in point, I sat next to a HB6 flying back on a 2-hr flight and had no problem talking to her. This girl that’s my neighbor the conversation didn’t flow as well. I’m really bummed about it. I guess I still need to practice more.

Eric Disco says:

Hi Nick,

From my experience, giving a girl a phone number is a low-percentage manuever. I know of other guys–not just Lee–who like the method of giving a girl your contact info. So don’t beat yourself up over it. The best thing is if you practice this a lot and see what works for you.

The “interview style” interaction can be a problem because it puts a lot of pressure on her. In order to ease this, you’ll want to focus on making statements. Talk about what you’ve done reacently. Make statements about her. Make statements about the environment. Ideally, you should have a nice mix of you talking about yourself and her talking about herself. Too much of either is a problem.

The best thing you can do is go out and practice this stuff with women. We talk about this at Step 4. You can get really good at sustaining even, relaxed conversation with women.

The fact that you were able to sustain conversation with the woman on the 2-hour flight shows that you have a lot of ‘natural’ ability with women. Unfortunately, most guys need to relearn that conversational ability with women they are really attracted to because they get inhibited. That’s okay. That means you met someone you like. When you are able to carry conversations in the face of inhibition you’ll be able to speak with almost anyone.


Affi says:

Hey Eric, just wondering how long will your book be available online for?

Eric Disco says:

Hi Affi,

I haven’t decided yet how long I’ll make the book and the bonuses available.


StarlingPUA says:

meditation is the WAY when it comes to this stuff