"The method is… unlike anything else out there."

by Eric Disco
May 2

I’ve been getting a ton of e-mails about my upcoming book, She’s Six Steps Away, due for release in mid-May.

I’m doing my best to respond to each and every one of you.

The number one concern was addressed in this post, “Will this let me be myself around women?”

The number two concern I’m hearing is…

Concern #2: Will the book have actionable information?

Will it give me a focused plan of action that is easy to implement?

Here’s what you guys have been saying:

“I hope it stays true to the AA blog and doesn’t make statements like ‘just be confident,’ while not explaining how. Looking forward to it.”

“I just hope it will be built around practical steps, as I am already familiar with from Erics previous work. There is already enough blabla out there filled with theories and theories about theories by other authors. Make it pracitcal in digestive doses. We all know the theories about atrraction by now.”

And my favorite was someone who said he wants, “walk-throughs please like I’m a nerd.”

Love it!

Again, excellent concern.

Response to concern:

I hate hate hate hate hate reading books that talk theory and fluff and don’t tell you exactly what you need to do.

Did I mention that I hate books that don’t tell you exactly what you need to do?

If I didn’t, let me say it again: I hate books that don’t tell you exactly what you need to do.

So of course, She’s Six Steps Away is built around very specific actions you can take to finally meet all those amazing women you see everywhere you go.

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear from someone who managed to get an advanced copy of the book:

The method (and the book) is fantastic so far, and unlike anything else out there that I’ve read on the subject.

It seems pretty obvious that this will work if one follows the method.

I like how it takes a long term view, rather than trying to be a quick fix.

I’m reminded a bit of another book I’m reading, The Power of Habit… it seems like your method is supported by the research described in that book… it’s just that your method is specifically about getting over inhibition with attractive women.

I also think that forming the habit of walking towards women you find attractive (and being able to start a conversation if you wish… the bottom line, getting that inhibition under control) could very well be what Duhigg calls a “keystone habit”.

Being able to talk to attractive women at will no doubt boost anyone’s confidence and better enable them to advance their career, their other relationships… etc… leading to who knows what?? Maybe a completely different, more fulfilling life?

So far the book is all that I hoped it would be after reading your blog posts and your “Single Most Important Thing” manifesto (a long time ago).

The only thing I thought of that could make the book better, so far, would be to incorporate diagrams of the method. I am reading the “rough” Kindle version, though, so maybe you do have those diagrams in the book.

Bottom line, awesome book so far.”

- Brent B. from Portland Oregon

I want to hear from you. What are your concerns?

And if you just want to drop me a line of encouragement to keep me going, that’s great too. You guys are the key to all of this.


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21 responses
Pradeep says:

your site has been an unbelievable inspiration…..!! looking forward impatiently to your book !!

Shhh says:

How much is it going to cost?

Not that it matters; the motivation and success I’ve had in part from reading this blog is priceless.

Eric Disco says:

Thanks for the feedback. Inspiring to hear that. The exact price hasn’t been decided yet.


Norice says:

For great books, especially this one, cost will never be a big concern. But, one of the concerns is how applicable will it be to men in asian cultures, because aa is different in different cultures due to cultural barriers and stuff like that

Eric Disco says:

This is just as applicable to men in asian cultures. I’ve had asian students who say it works great. There are some minor cultural differences, but the book allows you to adopt your own variations to make it your own, no matter what culture you’re in. Unless you live in a totalitarian regime where talking to strangers is illegal, you’ll be able to put get past your approach anxiety.


Crebral says:

Looks great, how can I get a copy? ;-)

Alex_B says:

Hey Eric does your book also cover practical text game and sexual escalation? From knowing your work im sure it does but figured its worth mentioning since alot of guys on the forum *myself included* fall into murky water between getting the girl initially attracted and getting her from a date to your house (days later). Keep up the good stuff

Eric Disco says:

Hi Alex,

Great question. No, it does not. This book focuses on one thing and one thing alone: how to get into deep meaningful conversations with those gorgeous women you see every day. It doesn’t cover text game, sexual escalation, banter, relationships, etc.

All that stuff is great, but before you can learn any of that stuff, you need to be able to take the first and most important step regularly. You need to be able to go from seeing women, to getting into conversations with them. This book teaches you how to do this first and most important step.

Once you are able to get past your inhibition, all these other skills become a lot easier. If you can only get into one conversation every three months with a woman, it will be very hard for you to learn sexual escalation because you won’t be able to take any risks. On the other hand, if you are getting into conversations regularly with women, it will be easier to learn these skills.


Alex_B says:

Ah ok that makes sense. Mostly a guide on getting out of your house and taking hold of inhibitions. I have to say I am a bit surprised there wont be some focus on banter. Simply because in my experience through reading this blog it’s been able supercharge my regular conversations more than any other stuff I’ve read out there. *In particular giving girls personal assistant/security jobs* Hopefully that’s something you’ll consider. Thanks again for the speedy response

Eric Disco says:

Here’s the problem with banter starting out. You see that amazing woman in the supermarket. You want to speak with her. The first thing that goes through your mind is: What do I say? You’re searching for something clever to say to her.

Banter is great. The problem is when you feel like you *need* to be clever. In the book, as you practice the exercises, you teach your body that you don’t need to be clever when you speak with that gorgeous woman.


EFA says:

Is this goona be an ebook or hard copy?

Eric Disco says:

It’s going to be an ebook with some other really cool downloadable stuff along with it.


Affi says:

You’re like a god to these people. Keep it up :)

Anthony says:

During the past couple months I have been reading a lot from many different sources and I am actually quite pleased with my progress so far. But I’ve reached a stumbling block that no matter what material I read, it simply doesn’t cover how to handle these types of scenarios.

As of lately though, I’ve been realizing my issue isn’t strictly with rejection per se. Rejection is actually easy. You go up to someone, you say hi, they say fuck off and you move on. On the other end of the spectrum you have someone who welcomes your approach and actually assists in carrying the conversation. It’s like a little dance that you both are okay with right from the start.

My issue is in the middle. This currently is what I’m realizing is the biggest reasons for my approach anxieties. I’m not sure how to handle indifference. When the person isn’t giving any clear indication of whether they may or may not be interested. They are acting indifferent or are testing me, hard, right off the bat. This is where I stumble every single time. What I realize is happening now is that this is causing my fear of approaching to change from fear of rejection to fear of not knowing what to say next should the person be acting indifferent.

I wonder if the book will touch on this. That would be immensely important to me.

Rick says:

I look forward to this book. I have real problems talking to beautiful ladies. I have had such little success with them (I have never dated one) that after all these years I feel like I just have no chance. I also tend to compare myself to other guys (I am not very tall around 5’5) and I just feel like I have no chance. I know women love to shop and they seem to shop for boyfriends and guys like shoes.

Perhaps your book can help.

Norseman says:

I am looking forward to this book, it should be interesting reading. I actually do quite okay with women these days, although of course I could always do better, but it hasn’t always been like that. I used to be a complete failure when it came to women, like many here on this forum I supposed, until I finally realized that it was me and not them, and that I had to pull myself together and fix that problem. Anyway, I have followed your AA blog for some years now and still read it almost every week, long after all those PUA books and DVDs ended up in the attic somewhere. It is a great blog man. Keep up the good work!

Socialkenny says:

BTW,hey Disco,how the fuck do one suscribe to your blog in order to receive updates of new posts!?

I guess you have this feature disabled or something??

Eric Disco says:

Hey Man,

I don’t currently send posts out over e-mail. You can subscribe in RSS reader.

I also have my Weekly Challenge where I send out a new, original challenge every week that’s not on the blog.


Socialkenny says:

Good thing you mentioned “actionable info”.

The other day,I wrote a blog post bashing e-books which lack info that the reader can actually put to use in field.

Other problems with books:they are too fucking long lol!Information overload is a great prob with books which are over 300 pages long.No one can learn from so much info.

My upcoming first free e-book(“How to bang foreign girls”) will be 15 pages[20 the absolute most].

No chance for info overload.

touchtalk says:

Looks good so just a few questions. Apologies if they’ve already been addressed:

How many pages is “Six Steps”?

Also, I’ve read so many e-books, all by well known PUA gurus and one of the problems all these “books” share in common is that they barely qualify as books at all. Length wise, they’re essentially elongated pamphlets or tracts. I’ve worked long enough in the NY Literary world to know there are certain standards & practices that one follows – either spoken or generally acknowledged for one to be recognized as being a legit part of the Industry. So there are codified “rules”. Margins are a certain length. Page count is a certain minimum length depending on the subject matter. Sometimes, publishing houses will ask for a word count. 30,000 words minimum was at one time the standard for Ficiton.

What I’m leading to is that I see these “rules” broken daily in PUA e-book publishing. PUA gurus routinely bang out “books” that look like they were slapped together in two – three weeks (and I’m NOT saying you did that here). But I’ve seen Font’s that’re twice the size of normal fonts. Huge margins Top, Bottom, Right and Left as well as “Chapters” that run for 2-3 pages all enable these PUA authors to put out something that’s little more pamphlet and call it a “Book”. I’ve yet to see one of these ebooks give their actual page or more importantly, word count.

While I realize that one can write a 400 page book that can be compressed into 50 pages of actual usable information (I have a few on my book shelf), and that word counts alone don’t mean anything, they’re at least one of the few OBJECTIVE ways of a potential buyer to see what he’s laying down his money for.

I’m pleased to see that unlike some PUA “gurus” who’ll be un-named, you at least are listing the running time of your Audio CDs, and that you do extend a money back guarantee, but without being able to go to my local B&N in Manhattan and physically hold your debut book in my hands, scan through it and get an impression from the 60 or so seconds that most people will take to either plunk down their money or move on to the next title, I would like to know if you would be good enough to provide some more of the info I cited above for your potential readers – esp. ones like myself who visit your site several times a week.

My Best,
Westchester Cty, NY

Eric Disco says:

Hi Touchtalk,

I understand your skepticism. I’ve read a lot of e-books that throw out some ideas that I find barely useful.

The book is a little over 200 pages long. It was edited by a professional editor. It was actually initially too long and I’m releasing some of the stuff I cut as articles and marketing like this one here, The Biggest Step Every Guru Forgets.

The book was written over a four year period. It was written around my coaching program, the Six Step Method, which I’ve been taking guys through for years. I have client quotes and even case studies from my clients.

It’s important for readers to hear from other guys who have gone through the process and their take on each step. Originally I had more from other gurus but found that how clients feel at each step was more helpful.

without being able to go to my local B&N in Manhattan and physically hold your debut book in my hands, scan through it and get an impression from the 60 or so seconds that most people will take to either plunk down their money

I’ve uploaded sample pages from the first 23 pages of the book here so you can check it out:

She’s Six Steps Away – sample pages