Worst. Valentine's Day Card. Ever.

by Eric Disco
Feb 14

If you’re looking for a card to turn your woman off, here it is.

From a collection of bizarre vintage v-day cards via boingboing.


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10 responses
parisianon says:

Valentine, Shmalentine!
(what, bitter where?)

More to the point – that’s a card for friendzone day.

Indiana says:

Oh my god. This is disgusting.

Mickey says:

Makes you want to stab yourself in both eyes, doesn’t it???

Mickey says:

I sure hope Valentine’s Day gets repealed next year!!!

GlennP says:

Wait… I don’t get it??? What’s wrong with it? lolol

Mickey says:

What’s right about it?

Speed Bump says:

He’s a fat kid. He’ll take what he can get. Might even lose a pound or two in the process.

Absolutely appalling. Me back in my beta days for sure.

TKO says:

LOL… actually this is creepy. I absolutely do not want to do that for any woman, no matter how awesome and hot she is.

Remy says:

No self-respect, I really don’t like this card especially the slave part. :)