Hold Her Hand in the First Two Minutes

by Eric Disco
Jan 6

This is a fun sequence I like to do in conversation.

It’s playful and I get to hold her hand.

There’s always a point in the conversation where I transition into personal topics.

“What do you do?” I ask her.

“No–wait,” I say. “Don’t tell me. Let me guess.”

I look her up and down.

“I’m really good at this. I’m actually psychic. Here, give me your hand.”

I take her hand in mine.

“Okay, try to psychically send it to me.”

I look deep into her eyes.

“Stop thinking dirty thoughts. Keep it clean.”

Keep looking deep into her eyes.

“Oh, okay,” I say as I throw her hand away.

“You’re a juggler in an all-girl juggling troupe,” I say.

Sometimes she’ll play along and say I’m right. More often, she’ll say no. Or no, but close.

“Are you sure?” I’ll ask. “You just want me to hold your hand again, don’t you? Okay, give me your hand.”

I do it again. I’ll take another guess. Sometimes this guess will be a more sincere guess.

When and if I get it wrong again, I usually say something like, “My psychic powers are failing me!”

“Okay, what do you do? You’re not going to make me keep guessing, are you?”


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Alex_B says:

This great for breaching that physical gap eric, thanks. Do you do this when first meeting a girl as a stranger or is this something you do on a first date?

Eric Disco says:

Hey Alex,

This is something I do usually about a minute or two after I meet her.


Johnybravo says:

Nice one.
I’ll try it… but I will actually ask her to give me her hand and give her the room to do it(I prefer it that way)

If she gives me her right hand I will tell her to give me her left hand instead since I do not want to read her past/future, vice-versa. And then I will follow up with your routine.

GlennP says:



TAllagash says:

this can easily backfire if it doesn’t feel natural. i like the vast majority of stuff on this site. this one, not so much.
if it feels awkward it’s gonna take some serious work to overcome blowing this one.
i’m all for rolling the dice hard with interactions, just be sure you come with either over the top humor and really exaggerate the psychic powers part, in fact i’d tease her about not really using her “ESP girl powers” and really cement the silliness of it without making it serious at all.

Eric Disco says:

Glenn, I would but I don’t think you could control yourself. You know how you get around me.


Eric Disco says:

this can easily backfire if it doesn’t feel natural. if it feels awkward. it’s gonna take some serious work to overcome blowing this one.

Anything could seriously backfire. But this is a good opportunity to talk about what’s going on here.

I developed this sequence over a few weeks, gradually adding different parts to it. What you’re reading is something I’ve been doing for a while and trying out in a lot of different ways. I didn’t start out doing this entire thing.

At first, I started out taking guesses at what girls do for a living.

Then I would come up with funny guesses, like a juggler in an all girl’s juggling troupe. Women seemed to respond well to that.

Then I started asking girls to show me their hands when I did it. I would press down on their hands and say, “Wow, you have pretty strong hands. You must be a juggler, part of an all-girls juggling troupe.”

Then I mentioned something about being psychic when I asked for her hand. At first I only held her hand for a second or two. But then I started to hold it longer and look deeper into her eyes.

Then I threw in the part about not thinking dirty thoughts while I was holding her hand. And then the other part about taking her hand again when I got the wrong answer.

What you’re seeing here is a finished product of something that was developed over a long time. That’s one of the things I don’t like about ‘routines.’ Guys see the finished product and it is intimidating. It seems too complex and over-the-top, particularly if you haven’t done something this involved or this aggressive before.

So here’s what you need to do: do the same thing I did. Take a small piece of this and try it out. Get comfortable with the very first part. Maybe ask a girl what she does and then cut yourself off and say, no wait, let me guess.

Do that a number of times until you are completely comfortable with it. Believe it or not, it may take a while for you to get comfortable with it. Transitioning into conversation with a girl you just met can be challenging for a lot of guys. It was for me until I started doing it regularly.

Then move on to the next step. Maybe guess a funny answer. Or ask to see her hand for just one second. Or maybe ask to just look at her hand at first.

If you’ve never done anything like this, I can guarantee it won’t feel natural for you. If you break it down and practice it in small increments over and over, it still won’t feel natural at first, but you can get comfortable with small parts before doing something too far out of your comfort zone.


Sachin says:

Hi – After reading the above post I tried this on a girl today. Since I never been so bold like saying “Stop thinking dirty thought” in the first few minutes I was surprised that she actually liked it.

I was feeling sexual tension so I am sure she must have felt it too ;)

JonathanA says:


congratulations for this step forward.

Quote:”I was feeling sexual tension so I am sure she must have felt it too ;)”

This kind of conclusion is a sure fire recipe for failure.

GlennP says:


Dude you hit the nail on the head with the advice you gave! Breaking down a routine that may seem risky or scary and slowly getting to the point where you can fully utilize the routine is a great way to get guys who are less experienced to get up the nerve and courage to say something overtly sexual for the first time to generate attraction in the women they are talking to.

And just like Sachin said, “I was surprised that she actually liked it.”

Our routines that we post and use ourselves have been thoroughly field tested! We did all the dirty work for you. How great is that??? We tested it, we perfected it and all you have to do is go out there and use it! If you only knew how luck you are!!!

Speaking of routines… I just posted an awesome routine! It’s been field tested 1000′s of times and works 100% of the time. By using this routine… I AM GUARANTEEING YOU WILL GET A TON OF PHONE NUMBERS!!!

Check it out…

Sachin says:

Glenn – I did like your magic routine to get hot ass girls + approaching 10 girls / day.

After reading your approach 10 /day I promised myself I will do 5 approaches daily and slowly build up to 10.

A successful approach has following rules -
a. The girl I approach I should feel I want to fuck her – no unattractive /easy ones to get off the hook
b. she leaves the conversation or I get a day2. Continue plowing even if she is not giving me much or bitch shield
c. Asking for phone number only if she agree for day 2

Sometime I open the girl and then I fear her boy friend would be around so I don’t continue the conversation. This is not a successful approach and doesn’t count.

As easy it sound on paper – doing 5 approach has been challenging. My friend calls me and ask to hang out and watch an awesome movie and I am tempted but I know I have to do my 5 so I post pone to meet him over the weekend. I have to invite my friends out on Monday / Tuesday to happy hours in bars as I don’t see many cute girls on these days in grocery store after my work.

I am forced to find better target rich place cause unlike NYC there are not many girls out late evening in the grocery store or book store on week days. So I am alert to keep taking action cause if I can’t find a cute girl I have to be out late till I actually find one that I want to fuck.

Sometimes I start thinking I need to read some more game or articles instead of doing my 5 but than I heard consistent action beats strategy any single day. So I continue to put aside the bull shit my mind gives me and start approaching.

There is a similar concept I read in a book Great by choice called 20 mile march.

This is second day in a row I tried this routine.

She – I have a boy friend
Me – OK. Give me your pinky (penetrative deep eye contact she looking back at me with the same deep eye contact + pause )

Me – stop thinking dirty thoughts …
She – (look on her face priceless + attraction + smile)
Me – No you don’t have a boy friend.

Few minutes into the conversation she gave me her number after we agree to meet this Saturday and then again she shit tested me.

She – Send me a text to remind me
me – you should remember that … (cocky grin + not tolerating bull shit behavior)

when I was about to leave she mentioned I will see ya on Saturday.

Most of the time I been playing it safe and just using comfort but using this routine I am being able to generate attraction by being bold/sexy….

As Glenn mentioned it is easy for me to try field tested routine and add it to my stack. Another thing I am doing is to use her name a lot. It is funny how often I forget the girl name after she tells me lol …

Sachin says:

@ JonathanA – Thanks for your feedback.

Can you suggest why this type of conclusion is a recipe for disaster ?

My thoughts were feeling are contagious so I am feeling sexual tension I assume she will feel it too. Also I felt that way observing her body language but again my mind could come up with crazy conclusion lol


because you easily may delude yourself. You may want to check @Hurrican’s answer in the HB10 thread, where he cites (and links) a study from the university of Indiana. His english is lightyears better than mine, anyway.