All I Want For Christmas

by Eric Disco
Dec 20

It’s Christmas time again.

Women are out everywhere doing what they do best: shopping.

It’s no surprise the one of the easiest ways to meet women is to talk about gift buying.

She’s a hotty in the Medical Reference section at Barnes & Noble bookstore.

She’s leaning against a railing with her face buried in a book.

I walk over, stand next to her, and pick up a book off the shelf.

I open the book and tap her on the arm while looking at the book.

“Do you think this is a good gift for a nurse, or do you think she’d be sick of stuff like this?”

I just got off the phone with my friend who hooked up with a nurse, that’s why it came to mind.

Immediately the girl starts giggling.

“She might already know everything,” she says.

Everything?” I ask. “My sister is an architect and I’ve gotten her architecture books before. But she’s ambivalent about them. So maybe I shouldn’t get a medical reference for a nurse, right?”

“Or, she could think it’s interesting,” the girl says.

She has the deepest blue eyes. I can tell she’s thin but she’s wrapped up on a long blue coat so I can’t check out her body.

Damn you winter coats!

Yeah, look at all these pictures. This is kinda cool, right?” I say

“Look, the human brain…” she says.

“You’re not a nurse, are you?”

“No. Sorry,” she says.

“Dammit!” I say with a playful anger. “I had such high hopes for you. You looked very medical over here in the medical reference section.”

She laughs. “Well, good luck with that!” she says.

“Thanks,” I say, pushing forward. “Let me guess, you’re a lawyer who helps injured people get a lot of money from corporations.”

“No,” she laughs.

“Darn! Wrong again,” I say.

“I work in higher education,” she says.

And we begin to get into deeper conversation. By the time I walk off, she’s complimenting me and thanking me for “stopping by to say hi.”

There’s almost nowhere you can’t go and ask a girl if something would make an appropriate gift.

You’ve got a mother, a sister, or a “friend” who all seem to need gifts this time of year.

Best make use of it.


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RichardP says:

I usually puss out after they say “Well, good luck with that”. Haha…

Paul says:

Something similar happened to me today in a Starbucks. They have these kiosks full of holiday stuff and there was this very cute sophisticated looking blonde going thru a couple of items and I asked her opinion on an item or two and teased her a bit. She laughed and I thought I was doing well. She then told me she was shopping to help her boyfriend find items for his niece. Oh well….lol…

GlennP says:

Remember… By going indirect on a lady she is not sure why you are there talking to her. It could be friendly and it could be more than just friendly convo but typically when you go indirect on a woman even if she is attracted to you she has no idea if you are attracted to her hence the… “well, good luck with that” or mentions a boyfriend or offers to end the conversation. To her it is usually just a fun quick, random conversation.That’s why Disco plowed forward. It’s your job to maintain the frame and control the conversation in the direction you want not the way she steers it.

Disco, gave her a cold read about being a lawyer to keep it moving along which was awesome. It let her know that he wasn’t done talking with her and engaged her into his world by saying something witty and funny. I do some of the same things.

If you go indirect on a woman and she slips the dreaded “boyfriend” in there don’t let that stop you! Many women are lying and say it out of habit. Many women have BF’s but they are looking for some side action. Either way, keep moving forward. If you have a problem sleeping with a woman that has a boyfriend and WANTS to sleep with YOU than see a shrink and get on some medication! lol

When a woman tells me she has a boyfriend. I simply say “That’s cool. We’ll be discreet” and keep going with the conversation. If she wants to walk away she will! If she’s staying around talking to me, she either doesn’t really have a BF or she does and likes me for a potential affair.

It’s great game to keep the convo going after she mentions the BF card especially if rattles you and scares you a bit. Staying in a conversation while being challenged because you are scared or have been rattle by something she said is great practice and will only make you stronger!

A good rule of thumb is this… If she is still standing there talking to you than you should still be talking to her. Let her walk away from you! Don’t end the interaction because you got startled or you are too nervous. NEVER EJECT! EVER!

Lee says:


I love you like a brother and I’m a big fan of your skillz but “NEVER EJECT! EVER!”? Dude, you are advising men to beg for pussy. Does it work? I’m sure it works often enough. I’m well aware of your success. But this strategy also subjects men to experiences that pollute their psyches. To me, one of the most attractive things about a woman is that she really gets me and that she is strongly attracted to me. If I have to fight for hours to achieve that state, I’d rather move on. In a big crowded city with plenty of women is it ever worth it to spend two hours wrestling with some bimbo who doesn’t appreciate you? Walk another twenty feet and hit on someone who’s going to be a little better suited to your charms.


GlennP says:

Hey you never know! There have been dozens of times where some hottie is giving me the cold shoulder and most men would’ve ran for the hills shitting and shaking in their boots from what she was saying or how she was acting towards me and then… WHA BAMMO BOO BANG I’m knee deep in the sheets with her making her my sex slave.

In regards to the guys my post was in reference towards, if he is ejecting because of the BF objection or the other guy who said “I usually puss out after that” they are obviously not experienced enough to truly tell whether the woman is giving them a hard time or sincerely not interested. Hence… Never eject. I mean, why eject anyway? If I’ve got my sights on a hot as hell chick I personally am staying in and I’m not leaving until she walks away or my dick is in her mouth! lol Been there way too many times and for me… Her looks come first! I’m approaching her for her looks and body first and foremost. If her attitude isn’t the best, oh well… I’ll still have a romp around with her in the bedroom.

Staying in set is not begging for pussy. I would never advise guys to beg for anything especially pussy. Never ejecting when you are truly attracted to a woman and letting her be the one to end the interaction is for beginners a great way to get to know the dynamics of the cold approach much, much better until they can 100% tell if she is attracted to him or not… When the guys game gets better, if it gets better sure… don’t waste time. But once again… Hey, you never know! Even the best of us have been pleasantly surprised. We are always learning.

Premature Ejectulation(hope you liked that one Mr. Lee) is serious problem for most men. Why eject if your nervous or she tested you in a way that you couldn’t handle at the time? How else are you going to get good and handle all the subtle nuances that women will throw out as us!

And men to have their psyches polluted. It’s already polluted to the point where they need serious help with their dating lives. They should stay in set when the going gets rough because sometimes and not all the time the boy will end up getting the girl and cause him to rethink his polluted mind and take on a I CAN DO IT ATTITUDE, BOY WAS I WRONG ABOUT HER.

Now… If a woman if wrestling with a guy for 2hrs or at least if a woman is wrestling with me for 2 hrs you can be 100% sure I’m sleeping with her! Because I know that I am in a set that is going somewhere. I know that I have attraction and we are in a sexually charged interaction. For the beginner it might be harder to tell if this is a “friendly” conversation or a “we’re going to get to know each other intimately conversation. But it is still good practice from time to time. But the new guy needs to recognize attraction to decide if he is going to stay in set for that length of time it may take to seduce her… Ultimately I was commenting on the 2 posts prior and neither guy was in their sets for 2hrs but I felt the need to comment on what you have said.

Merry Xmas….
Twinkle twinkle little sluts,
stick your penis up their butts!

Cameron says:

“Premature Ejectulation”

Hahaha thats hilarious Glenn!

Lee says:


OK, granted, we are looking for different things. I probably wouldn’t get it up – even with the hottest chick – if I weren’t also getting some of the other things I’m looking for. Things that are only abstractions to some men are important to me. But when it comes to what newbies should do, I have to ask again, do you think that their most serious problem is that they eject too quickly? It’s certainly a problem, but is it as serious as the other problem that newbies tend to have, a mentality of scarcity that makes them overvalue each and every approach and to treat any interested woman as if she is the one they will spend the rest of their lives with? Look at the messages in the approach forum on this site, the questions men ask about both approaching and their subsequent interactions with women. If I had to teach one lesson, either 1) stay in at any cost, or 2) if she’s not into you, she’s really not worth your time, which lesson do you think would be more valuable to newbies? To me, the answer seems obvious. Do you disagree? –Lee

Eric Disco says:


Alright, I’m gonna jump in here. I think that neither of these two lessons is more valuable. They are two sides of the same coin.

1) stay in at any cost,

This is commitment. When starting out, guys have a fear of pushing the interaction too far. It’s a natural fear, because the longer they stay in, the more likely her initial positive reaction may turn negative. They worry that they’re inconveniencing her and taking up too much of her time. They don’t yet understand their own attractiveness. Practicing staying in as long as possible for a few weeks is a really good thing to do.

2) if she’s not into you, she’s really not worth your time

This to me is losing outcome dependency. You need the ability to walk away from a woman and not care. If it goes somewhere, awesome. If not, that’s fine too.

When you are 100% comfortable both walking away from any woman and also staying in as long as you feel like it (or until she yells, “get the fuck away from me”) then your calibration is no longer hindered by your inhibition.

That means that your decision to stay or leave is not dependent on worrying about getting rejected. It is based on whether this particular interaction is worth any more of your time and energy. If you decide that it’s not cost-effective to stay in this interaction and that walking down the street and opening another woman is more cost effective, then you might do that.

But there are a lot of factors that will determine the point at which you personally leave. These are different for every guy:

- How attractive this woman is. She may be the hottest thing you’ve seen in three days. (And this goes beyond just physical looks)
- Whether you read her resistance as shit-testing or truly being turned off by you
- Whether you think you have a pretty good chance of getting with her
- Whether you are willing to invest the emotional and physical energy in being persistent for a few more seconds/minutes/hours, etc.


JonathanA says:

when I just read Lee’s second option , I felt inspired for a new closing: You know, it is amazing how you are making my opportunity costs skyrocket. I have to go.

Zhelyazko says:

Love this site, the things I learn here are much appreciated

GlennP says:

Nice discussion boys…

I’m not really disagreeing with you Lee. But my original response was in regards to newbies which obviously the guys who posted are and if they aren’t newbies then they still have alot to learn, hence their comments.

Ejecting doesn’t have to be their most serious problem. If ejecting is a problem what so ever… IT’S A PROBLEM! That problem and ANY other problem needs to addressed ASAP. Ejecting can become a seriously hard habit to break, almost worse than smoking. I’ve seen it 100′s of times. Now, this only is a problem when guys aren’t at the stage in their development with women and eject before they can truly tell if a woman they’ve approached is seriously into them. I’m saying, stay in to find out until you have the skills to discern whether or not you are correct in your ability to know better.

All the arguments are valid here but my response was once again towards the newer guy, not the seasoned man… Like I said… Newbies stay in and I stand by that at all costs. You will learn faster and hone your skills quicker by learning for yourself if you should have stayed in, ejected, used more routines, comfort, escalated, kino’d, etc… You can’t practice any of your mid game if you are not in set. It’s better to practice your mid-game on a girl who’s not into you(or she’s into you but you’re not into her) than when you finally meet that special woman and have to practice only on her because you’ve been ejecting all the while before and lose the ones you really want because you don’t have all the neccessary experience.

Is this over or what???

ERIC… Post something else so we can move on! (8

Jose says:

I love your blog :)

Lee says:


All I have for you is love. But love sometimes hurts. And sometimes lust is confused for love. But that’s another story. Yes, it’s over :-) Although it seems other readers here loved the controversy. You and I should do a regular pro / con column on this thing. I’m serious. It would be a big hit.


Lee says:

By *this thing* I meant on this site

GlennP says:

I’m down…

I like controversy!

Paul says:

Are you the same GlennP that works for BradP?

Paul says:

Cool…have a question for you.

I tried your company’s Horse Girl thing probably 150 to 200 times and not once did I get a number or really a good reaction from it. I realize its an ice breaker and not the cure for cancer, but your company trumped it up as the “be-all end-all” and I sunk like the Titanic.

Now you can say it was the delivery, it could be circumstance but if a guy does it that many times and follows what he is told to do step by step (as I did) something good should have come out of it I would think.

What is your opinion on this opener?

Johnybravo says:

what is the opener Paul? I promise I wont go out and try it ;)

Lee says:


I know this question is for Glenn, but I thought I might add a little third party testimonial. A friend of mine took a class with Glenn in which Glenn had him make up random, silly shit to say to girls. Then Glenn would open – and open successfully – using my friend’s stupid – sometimes nearly incoherent – openers. The point of the exercise was to show that it’s not the opener but the delivery that counts. At one point, I believe Glenn was opening girls on the street with “My uncle has a donkey”. (Correct me if I’m wrong, Glenn.) Horse girl is a great opener because it gives a man the chance to demonstrate confidence while telling a fairly long story. It also quickly draws women into an emotionally playful fantasy world. Paul, my guess is that if you’re failing to get one positive response in two hundred approaches, the problem is not with the opener.


Paul says:

You should try it about 20 times and see what happens…good luck..

Here it is in all its glory:

The Horse Girl Opener:
Point to the girl (target) and wait a moment. Then say:
You: “Do you like horses?”
Her: “Yes/No/Maybe.”
You: “Hmmmm. I thought so. Check this out. When I was in sixth grade there was this girl that loved horses. She loved them more than ANYTHING. She would draw horses all over her binders, she would be running all over the playground making horse noises.
(About this time the girl wonders why you are telling her this and starts getting bored with your story, then you deliver the punch line.)
You: “You look JUST LIKE HER.”

It is claimed that chicks love this. Neither I nor a couple of my friends that tried it found it to be so.

And people pay for this kind of stuff?

Lee says:


Actually, that is not the complete Horse Girl, but I will let Glenn correct you when he responds.


Paul says:


I studied this stuff. This is his horse girl or what he technically called the shocker opener.

The crazy thing I thought was that you could actually get hot girls attention and charm her with it. What a disaster!

I got slaps on the face, screamed at, one girl told me she was going to report me for harassment for calling her a horse (which I didn’t and if you think about that its pretty funny). I even tried changing it to different themes – ie yo-yo girl. It might work for a good looking guy but not for me. Maybe this stuff works in NYC or something.

My question to Glenn is what did he think about his opener? I was curious on his take on it.

Lee says:


The entire Horse Girl opener including the part you left out:

YOU: “Hey do you like horses?”
GIRL: ”HUH? ummm yea i guess.”
YOU: “Hmm, I thought so. OK check this out, when I was in the 6th
grade, there was this girl who loved horses. She used to run around
the playground for an hour straight at lunchtime. She’d be galloping
and making horse noises. We used to call her the weird horse girl.”
GIRL: “Yeah, so?”
YOU: “well…you look JUST LIKE HER!”
GIRL: “Hey!! (giggling and smiling) I’m not the weird horse girl!!!”
YOU: “OK that’s cool. If it was me I wouldn’t admit it either. Now I’m
not saying you’re definitely her, but just in case you are, I want to tell
you I’m sorry.”
GIRL: “Sorry for what?”
YOU: “Sorry for all the times I made fun of you. See, in school I was
always one of the cool kids. And I used to make fun of the horse girl.
Now I’m older and more mature, and I feel bad. So do you forgive
me?” (Arms out for a hug. Often, she’ll go for it.)


Lee says:


Thinking that pickup school is about memorizing an opener is like thinking that skydiving school is about renting a parachute or that acting school is about renting an empty studio and a mirror. If you’ve tried horse girl two hundred times with zero positive results, you probably suck, and no opener is going to correct for that.


Cameron says:

No doubt Paul isn’t the greatest pickup artist in the world Lee, but I think in all honesty there’s nothing special about this opener, and it clearly hasn’t worked for Paul.

I’m not saying that BradP can’t make it work, cause I’m sure he can, but as you’ve already mentioned, a charming man can make most things work.

I think if someone is really a great teacher they would be able to come up with stuff that serves less talented students.

Marcello says:

“I think if someone is really a great teacher they would be able to come up with stuff that serves less talented students.”

I am not so sure that’s actually possible. I get the impression that this stuff is so heavily dependent on internal mindset that it cannot be taught and handled like most others skills. That is, some portions such as approaching and some others things can perhaps be taught, practiced and learned as conventional skills are; but as far as getting results it is not necessarily enough. Put it this way, I felt anxious about driving but the cars I drove did not give a damn about it and eventually made it. Girls on the other hand…

Lee says:


I think the way Eric does it is best – one or two short sessions per week. He starts off with exercises, not openers, then introduces transitions into openers, and builds from there. The whole process takes weeks, and there is significant time between sessions in which students are told to practice on their own.

The problem with workshops is that there isn’t enough time to get people comfortable with more than one or two openers. Sure, they can memorize maybe a dozen, but to actually perform well under pressure – a workshop leaves room for maybe one or two. So Brad chose Horse Girl. Is that a good choice? If I could do only one, it’s not a terrible choice. And in the end, other factors – body language, voice tone, style, facial expression, touch, etc. – are much more important than the opener. That’s what most workshops spent the most time on.

From what Paul has said about himself on this site before, would I start him off on Horse Girl? No. But now suppose a workshop – six to ten people I have only met through email. I have to choose one opener for all of them to work on, mostly as an exercise. Horse Girl is not a bad choice.

One thing I notice in the complaints of people who have not been successful with game: they tend to put great emphasis on what is said and very little emphasis on the rest. I suspect that this is because deep down they realize that the change they will need to make to themselves to be successful is hard, much harder than simply memorizing some lines.


Paul says:


Yes I can see an opener like Horse Girl maybe being a good ice breaker, but its not the trumpeted be-all end-all as it marketed. That is one of the big problems with the seduction community. Actually I like alot of Brad’s stuff and I do not mean to single him out. I just originally asked GlennP his opinion of the horse girl line – I guess you can call it an opinion opener….lol. The seduction community markets these things like quick fix elixirs and suckers like me fall for it. Yes shame on me for going for it. Guess what, they have the money now. From my bank to theirs. Who is the ultimate winner there?

I am sure Eric does a much better job. I have no doubt with that. That is why I read his blog and do not read others. I wish I did live in NYC so I could take Eric’s tutoring.

Robert says:


Do you think it is the “Horse Girl” opener that hooks girls on the street for Glenn P. No it is his looks, way of behaving and style that hooks girls. The man have a good face, cool hair cut and dresses like a sexy rockstar + plus his other day job. He could open with anything………

Paul says:

He is also tall from what I understand and so is Brad.

Being tall is a big advantage.

I ask any guy on here if they are tall and successful, do you think you would be as successful if you were say 5’4 or 5’5?

And please do not give me any, “Oh you just need confidence” we all know that is such a croc if you DO approaches and you DO go out and try…

Eric Disco says:

Being tall is an advantage. But can you be successful if you’re 5’5? One of my best students was an indian guy who is 5’6.

He wrote up some feedback about my program and this is what he said:

I have picked up and dated three of the hottest girls in my law school. I number closed a former playmate (Miss September 2004), and several models. I’m still chasing the same day lay but I’m sure it will come. I’ve brought about 20 girls back to my apartment during this spring and summer (usually during a second or third date). Three of those were from social circle, the rest were from cold approach. I slept with six them, four of whom were from cold approach.

Part of this guy’s success is due to natural ability. What is his natural ability? He has the loudest voice of any guy I’ve coached. He almost couldn’t speak quietly if he wanted to. That is very attractive to women, whether they know it or not. Speaking loudly conveys huge self-confidence, probably more than any other body language adjustment you can make.


Lee says:


Glenn is not tall. He is not ugly but neither is he particularly good looking. (Sorry, Glenn. Your soul’s a 10.) He has a killer sense of style – great hair, great clothes – and carries himself like the fucking rock star he is, but these things are learnable, so I wouldn’t exactly call them a natural advantage. My point all along was that the opener is not very meaningful, and as Glenn himself shows in exercises during his coaching sessions, he can successfully open with literally the most mind numbingly stupid comments anyone can think of. So, yes, I think think we agree – the opener is almost irrelevant.


Paul says:


That is a great and very encouraging story.

I appreciate your note there.

Did this student have a deep voice? I have read that having a good deep voice helps. What is your thought on that?

MrAntiquity says:


The problem with the ‘confidence’ thing is that the way it’s presented is as if it’s something you’re supposed to acquire. Hey look…I went and GOT SOME CONFIDENCE but girls still don’t like me!

Wrong–confidence is something that is supposed to be released–but most people aren’t able to release it. A lot (I”d say most) of what looks like confidence (alpha-maleness, premeditated posturing, voice control)–these are tactical measures to help you to appear confident and they can be effective.

But real confidence is much more difficult to achieve–and it involves letting go of whatever self-perceptions hold you back. Few people do it successfully–but those who do really have no struggles in this area.

MrAntiquity says:


Also, in terms of openers— it’s not what you say, it’s how you feel when you say it.

Your problem is that you have absolutely no faith that girls will like you.

A good opener requires that the speaker believes he’s got a shot. That’s why ‘hi’ is a great opener for that kind of a person.

Essentially you have to be able to say whatever you like without feeling the need to apologize (even in your mind) for it.

GlennP says:


My head hurts! Whatta discussion…

I’m ugly, I’m good looking, My Uncle has a donkey, my hair is great but I have some grays, etc…

Not gonna add to this one. It’s all been said.

But I did just type up a new post on my blog. Go read that instead of analyzing Horse Girl.

Side note… If you’re really getting the bad reactions you say that you are. Slaps in the face, cops being called on you, etc… IT’S NOT THE OPENER, IT’S YOU! There’s just NO way around it…

Paul says:


What is the link to your blog?

Derrick says:

Paul, it’s the link in his name.

GlennP says:


Why do I do this to myself?? I’m gonna give a slight reply to the guy who gets the terrible reactions and defend the infamous Horse Girl opener. Here it goes…

Please read that last sentence 100 times! And then read it 100 more times.

I feel as though I am going to get a lot of shit for saying that but I can shovel shit with the best of them and it’s 100% true, like it or not.

As Lee stated… I can open with anything imaginable!
Yes… I was just walking up to girls and saying “My Uncle owns a donkey” and yes the sets opened wide. As a matter of fact with that same person Lee was talking about I was telling him that when you get good with women you should be able to open with anything and have it go your way. To prove this point to that particular student who was a doubting Thomas I walked up to a woman who was super hot in the lingerie section of a popular woman’s store and said. “Do you think it’s ok to open with the word open?” and it still went smoothly and got her number.

One of my common openers at bars is when I get eye contact from a woman I give her the middle finger and say nothing!(of course I have a follow up but not relevant to this post) I’ve never had a chick call the cops on me.

I have also walked up to sets and put my fingers in a circle and said… “Hey guys. Finger my asshole!” and they’ve literally fingered the hole I made for them! No cops were called or slaps in the face.

So, to tell us that Horse Girl doesn’t work is not fair. It’s you and your game that your spewing that doesn’t work.

Remember that women NEVER reject you, they reject your approach and when you know and have mastered the dynamics of approaching you too will be open with anything that comes to mind and you will be able to chose openers whether canned or spontaneous that will work for you!

It is also good to remember that it’s not always the opener that gets a chick but it in many cases what you say right after the opener that really hooks them! If a woman I decide to open isn’t reacting the way I expect her to, I will switch it up and generate attraction and interest with what I say next. If she is loving what I am saying then I will solidify her attraction even further by backing up my opener with something equally as strong to hook her even more deeply!

If you are having trouble opening with any openers especially Horse Girl which has gotten more guys laid than any other opener out there, than you need to make sure that your fundamentals are in check. Body language, positioning, tonality, etc… and if you know that your fundamentals are flawless then you need to inspect yourself as a person. Take a look inside yourself and ask yourself if you’re confident, ask yourself if you are worthy of the woman you approach and if you actually believe not just think that you deserve her in your life.

Energy is transferable! How you feel and what you’re thinking is instantly transferable to a woman on very subtle level. If you don’t feel confident or worthy of this person you decided to say Horse Girl to, why in the world should she want to listen to what your saying let alone spread her long beautiful legs to reveal her vagina for you??????

That’s why we have a saying at BradP that goes just like this!
BLOW ME OR BLOW ME OUT! In other words, she’s either sucking your dick or she’s walking away! Go in like a man and take the woman you want! Go in STRONG!

When I open a woman I am never thinking “Will She Open?”, I am thinking, I am going to have this woman and do naughty things to her and what I am saying is just the formality to the end goal! I know in my heart that I can have her and if she doesn’t want me…. I’m literally surprised! That is how unshakable my approaches and confidence are.

If I can develop this mindset of being truly worthy and believing in myself that I have all the qualities that a woman wants, so can you!

Johnybravo says:

@paul maybe before you use an opener you should ask yourself if the opener is in tune with your culture and what not.

The horse girl donkey or whatever they call that opener will never work in an environment with a culture like mine so I wont even try it. Why dont you keep things simple and just walk over and tell the girl you just saw her and wanted to say hi instead of this fuck my ass, my uncle owns a donkey etc openers. At least its genuine. Those openers could be working for Glenn(is that the name?) but where I come from donkeys arent special so I wont open with that…if you get me.