How to Talk to Girls

by Eric Disco
Jul 3

“Smile!” Eric Weber admonished to the audience on the tape.

It was the late 90′s.

I was driving along the New Jersey Turnpike in my Plymouth Reliant listening to dating guru Eric Weber’s popular tape How to Talk to Girls.

“When you don’t smile,” said Eric Weber, “women will think, ‘What can I do to please him!’ But when you do smile, she feels more comfortable.”

It didn’t totally make sense to me. Don’t you want women to wonder what they can do to please you?

This was part and parcel to the confusing tutelage and conflicting messages I experienced when trying to learn to meet women back in those days.

As I drove along the Turnpike, I sucked in all the knowledge I could from Eric Weber. This was the fifth time I had listened to the tape. I was on my way to meet up with my friend and bandmate Ken.

Ken was the drummer in my first band, an industrial-electronic band. He had given me that tape. And we were about to go out and try to meet women.

We would go out every Thursday night to a bar near Rutgers College called the Melody, a popular hangout for the local college students. It was the most alternative bar in New Brunswick.

The walls of the two-floor dive were re-painted every month with new and crazy-themed murals. Bands played upstairs and the DJ pumped music downstairs.

We would go every week on Thursdays–alternative night–and try to meet women, even though our success ratio was approximately 0.00000%.

The eternal optimists, we both listened to Eric Weber religiously, hoping that like a magical potion the tapes would infuse some confidence in us and soon we would start having success.

With the lights low and the music pumping, we would dance. We danced because we loved the music. But we would try to dance near women hoping somehow something would happen.

Ken had a goofy dance and if we made eye contact across the dance floor, he would make a smiling motion with his hand on his mouth to remind me to keep smiling, because–we were told by Eric Weber–smiling was attractive to women.

And sometimes–once in a rare while–we would talk to girls.

One time, a year or so later, I would get a girl’s phone number. I didn’t totally understand how I did it, but it was my first experience with real game.

The place was crowded and I was introduced to a random girl through our friend Andy.

Andy had a lot of game–at least when he was extremely drunk. Through his drunken belligerence he was more likely to fuck up an interaction with a woman than he was to score with her. But when he was drunk he started a lot of conversations with random women.

It was crowded as hell, so I was leaning against a wall when he introduced me to this girl. Her name was Emily.

She was not a beauty queen but she was cute enough to talk to. To be honest I was happy to talk to any girl if I felt even slight attraction for her.

I kept talking with this girl as I leaned against the wall, and for some reason, unlike the few other girls I’d started talking to, this girl continued to talk to me.

We talked and talked. And at the end, when I asked for her phone number, she said Yes!

I was in a euphoric state as I walked away. I exited the bar, walking down the stairs and out the front door reflecting on what just happened.

For some reason I strongly suspected why this girl said yes when all the others had said no. I did something different during my conversation with this girl: I was leaning against a wall.

I didn’t quite understand why this girl felt comfortable talking to me when I leaned against a wall, but I knew that it worked.

If only I could lean against a wall every time I talked to a girl, I thought to myself. I could do pretty well.

Of course, there was no way to replicate this. How would I start conversations with women as I leaned against a wall?

Emily and I talked on the phone briefly, although she never went out on a date with me. And it never happened again that I had a wall conveniently nearby that I could lean against while talking to a girl.

It would be almost an entire decade later before I was able to purposefully get an attractive stranger’s phone number again. But it was my first foray into feeling the effects of real game.

Years later I understood why this worked. For most guys, the biggest problem when starting out is showing too much interest in women. Women are like dogs in that they understand body language a lot more than verbal communication.

You can verbally tell a woman, “I’m not quite sure if I like you yet,” but if you are facing her and leaning in, eyes glued to hers, she feels you’re too interested in her too soon.

And if you’re that interested that soon, there must be something wrong with you.

By leaning against a wall, it prevented me from leaning into the cute girl I was talking to.

I still sometimes see that old Eric Weber tape when I visit my parents at their home in Jersey. It’s sitting in a Caselogic tape carrier in my old bedroom.

The title, “How to Talk to Girls” was blacked over with a permanent marker back in the 90s for fear of embarrassment if someone should see it.

It seems goofy what we were trying to do back then. Not to mention, haphazard, ineffectual and random.

We were in the dark. We were trying to grasp something that was out of our reach, far beyond our understanding at the time.

But I think fondly back to my friend Ken and how we were there for each other through that seemingly hopeless journey.

We were using any means available to better ourselves with women and to better ourselves as people. We were doing the best we could at the time.

And that makes me smile.


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Ariel says:

That made me smile

random says:

Why do guys struggle so much with dating women? I had spend most of my waking hours desiring women and in a way still clueless after all these years.

I wish guys were thought in school how to approach/attract/date women.

nonstop says:

damn.. I expected this to be more “word” oriented.. I have decent body language… but the whole “using words” thing has me stuck. ~.~

Lee says:

@nonstop That’s why it’s my opinion that you should use the same words every time. When I’m trying to be spontaneous and funny, I am not really present. I am thinking. I am over-thinking. It’s only when I free my mind by sticking to a routine that I am able to truly relax and concentrate on the important stuff: Body language and listening to what she’s telling me. Telling women what I do in a way that conveys my passion about it should not be an effort that, at this stage of my game, requires any brainpower whatsoever.

Cameron says:

Hahahah cool story Eric, I like the line:

“even though our success ratio was approximately 0.00000%.”

Interestingly, I’m not sure that smiling makes you attractive to women, in fact I was reading about a study where woman tend to find smiling men LESS attractive, but it was a cool story.

jim says:

I liked this….Do you really remember her name all this time later? Shows how big it was for you at the time.

Scott says:

I don’t lee, when I am truly relaxed is when my best comes out. Trying to stick to concrete routine makes me feel uncomfortable. I tend to take a bit from everything and craft something new. Besides that, body language is paramount. Just this last weekend I got called on it. I would lean in to much. Ended up pushing her away, oh well lesson learned.

Halldor Berg says:

These kinds of stories are all kinds of helpful.

Nick says:

I remember when I started being more social how little I understood. It makes me smile to see what I’ve learned and the realizations I’ve had over the years. Mainly, that everything is more simple than you actually think and it’s about being a confident normal guy.

@Lee I disagree with that advice. If you’re always using routines and saying the same lines, you’re not truly connecting with those women on an emotional level. They’re not seeing the real side of you because you’re not expressing it. You need to learn how to be present in the moment while clearing your head. The non-verbal stuff like body-language should become second nature and you should always be in the conversation.

When you stop protecting yourself with canned material, you force yourself to develop your emotional intelligence, wit, and listening skills. You drop your guard and show your authentic self, vulnerabilities and all. I’ve seen too many guys rely on being someone they’re not and ending up as social robots. It’s weird and not what a quality women wants.

Discover how to be the interesting, confident you and you’ll succeed greater than any lines could ever bring you. Plus, it’s MUCH more fun that way :)

Jonathan says:

Do animals smile at each other before they have sex?!

My theory ( which scientists would rather call hypothesis ) is quite simple but profound. Pickup is basically about sex, in the current context this especially relates to the initial stage of attracting and approaching.
Now think about it: when did you feel like smiling during sex last time ?? As to me I cannot remember. May be I am special, may be I am an exception; but I don’t think so. So why do men think, smiling is important before approaching a woman? Do they want to become the next nameless LJBF?
I think smiling is rather useless at the animal level we are talking about. Smiling is for socializing but thats a completely different context. And from my point of view true pickup has nothing to do with socializing.

I have no role model, but if you want to get an idea what I mean , look how Daniel Craig interprets James Bond. Did you ever see him smile in Quantum of solace? Could you even imagine him smiling?! Hell, no.
But he’s so damn cool and unstoppable.

Cameron says:

Johnathon, I think those are good points, Daniel Craig is a complete badass in the Bond movies and no, he barely smiles in the whole movie. Smiling and joking excessively can be a way of playing small in the world, I know cause I’ve done it.

The thing about the advice “smile” is that smiling isn’t really attractive, having fun is attractive, when I think of this article it seems like Eric wasn’t having much fun back then and I think women can tell the difference between a fake smile and someone who is really enjoying themself.

I personally dont go to nightclubs because I dont have much fun there, I think the best advice is to do things you enjoy rather than pretending your having fun when your not.

Lee says:

I have to agree with Jonathan… with a few minor modifications. First, the thing you want on your face is a smirk, not a smile. You want your face to seem relaxed, like you’re a bit in your own world. Actually grinning shows you’re trying too hard, and women will not find that attractive. During the interaction, you should smile when you want to reward her for something she said or did, so you turn your gaze toward her and briefly smile. I treat eye contact exactly the same way. Maintaining laser like eye contact signals that the interaction is really important to you and you really care about its outcome. Use eye contact to punctuate the conversation. Otherwise, let your gaze wander a bit. Studies show that in a conversation between more powerful and less powerful men, more powerful men maintain less eye contact, allowing their gaze to drift. I would be the same is true for smiles. I bet less powerful men feel the need to please and validate, so they smile and nod a lot. –Lee

Paul says:

I have been reading alot about “conversation” lately on various blogs and I think its pretty much a vicious circle.

Why? Well if a beautiful woman is not into you, she is not going to talk to you. Beautiful women typically have very high standards and will date any guy like feel is in their standard level. If you do not look a certain way or do not have a certain amount of coin, your toast. At least from what I have found in my travels.

I have never been able to change a woman’s mind by “raising the temperature” or “flicking the attraction switch” by talking or any type of conversation. Heck, I have never even seen any PUA Guru do it either and I have taken courses from a number of them.

I read Weber’s products years ago and have seen him talk. His original book came out in the late 60′s – early 70′s I believe and at that time perhaps conversation was important but today its all about looks. I guess people had more depth then. If you do not have a right look or are not in that mold, I really do not think any amount of conversational skill will work.

Does any one care to comment or refute me here? Seriously I am all ears.

Lee says:

What look do you think works with beautiful women? Eric and I both know this Indian guy. He’s a bit on the short side and has a mix of an Indian / British accent. He struggled for years with game. His anxiety and lack of self worth led him to drink. He would oscillate between depression and obsessive / compulsive behavior, sometimes running out of work meetings to chase girls. He had no success at all. But something clicked a few months back. He lost weight, found his style – kind of a chill rocker dude – and amped up his game, making it more sexual than he ever imagined he could. This dude gets laid like a rock star. Looking at him, you’d never imagine that all American blondes – sometimes significantly taller than him – would ever go for him, but they do. He’s not rich. He’s not famous. He’s not bad looking, but that’s always been the case. Paul, the ball is in your court to explain why this guy is successful. — Lee

Paul says:

Hi Lee,

That’s a great story. Sounds like he is doing better than the top gurus out there!

I cannot explain it. I have no idea. I personally have not seen guys like that date or even be in relations with i.e – hot blondes unless they we paid for. Could be timing. Maybe he met them through a new circle of friends. I really do not know. I would have to see him in action or talk to him to find out.

What are your thoughts on him?

KL says:

Paul, regarding what you said. Sex for women is primarily about emotions and feelings–that’s where it begins (for us it is primarily in the physical realm). So it is not looks or money that play the dominant role when a woman sees a new man for the first time. It is how he makes her feel.

How do you break that vicious circle you spoke of? How can you make a woman “feel” something if she doesn’t even know you yet? The answer is that it’s all in your body language, voice tone, eye contact, and the general energy or vibe you give off. And that stuff, in turn, is generated by deep confidence in yourself, satisfaction with your life and lifestyle, emotional honesty with yourself and with others.

Remember that the vast majority of human communication is nonverbal–body language, gestures, eyes, voice tone. This is why saying the same scripted routine–the same VERBALS–will work beautifully for one guy, and fail miserably for another guy. The difference is the way they deliver those words, what the frame is they are coming from, their overall level of confidence and energy and sexual openness. That is what makes a girl feel a certain way.

You said:

“I have never been able to change a woman’s mind by “raising the temperature” or “flicking the attraction switch” by talking or any type of conversation.”

And you never will. Because words mean nothing. One guy will run a complex “conversational” routine with nervous energy and get no results, while another guy will just say “hey” with seductive eye contact and make her melt from the start.

BTW the reason male models and rich guys often get a lot of women (but not always) is because they have enjoyed a deep level of confidence and openness caused by those traits. From middle school, the male model has had girls look and smile at him, and that has built his confidence massively over the years. He has always felt he could take chances and not apologize for it. Similar with the rich guy. Remember, it’s not the specific quality, but the energy and confidence and sexual honesty that it causes.

Lee says:

@Paul The guy I’m talking about is a friend of mine and we have been out many times. There may be girls that he meets through circles of friends, but those are not the girls I’m talking about. I’m talking about the girls he meets out – in the park, in bars, on the street, etc. I have seen him approach literally hundreds of women over the course of the five years I’ve known him. Until recently, most of those approaches either went nowhere or turned into bad dates, mostly the former. But recently, his game improved a lot. He’s more relaxed. He’s a lot more sexual. His body language is great. And what he says to women is interesting and exciting. That’s the explanation. There is no need to go searching for another one. Better game = more success with desirable women. He’s lost some weight and his sense of style has improved. That aside, his physical appearance has not changed. If you are ever in NYC, you can meet my friend and see his game for yourself. But if you do, I fully expect you to hold up your end of the bargain which is this: You will come to this site and tell everyone that game works, and that it’s not just about looks. Deal? :-)

Paul says:


Yes I think emotions do play a part but women I think are pretty visual as well. More so then we would grant. From what I have experienced, I believe the emotions and feelings thing is really overblown. I mean, when do you see a woman have a poster or calendar of say Louie Anderson in her work cubicle? They have Brad Pitt, Chippendales or years ago Patrick Swayze with his shirt off. I constantly hear women at work, in my social groups, at my church, at my local bar always comment on some guy or guys that are hot and how they would love to have a good looking guy like that. I hear it all the time. I never hear from these women (and its an expansive age say 23 to mid 50′s) that the guy was a great conversationalist or he had some great talents, once in awhile he was funny but not that much, its all pretty much things like “what a butt, gosh he was tall.” How can does conversation skills work in a world like that?

I mean I read all the time that women are supposed creatures of emotion and feeling. What I see is them being pretty visual to me. Try approaching a 5’10 hot blonde sometime even confidently if you are say 5’6 and see what happens there. She judges you squarely on your height. Its not a shit test. She just does not want a short guy. Its purely physical. Even if you get to talk and chat with her and say make them laugh, they still judge you on your height. I know I have been there. They have told that to me to my face. I guess its evolution or something but again, a guy is not meeting her standards and so he is out of luck.

As for Lee’s friend, I do not know his magic. Evidently it is working for him and that’s great, I would love to see him in action. It would be refreshing.

KL says:

“I never hear from these women… that the guy was a great conversationalist or he had some great talents”

That’s because most guys SUCK at good conversation! LOL!

BTW, when a woman refers to a man as “hot” more often than not she is talking about his hot energy and vibe, his confidence and the way he carries himself. That’s what makes her “hot” ;)

Yes, looks can be important to women. Other things equal, a woman will choose a male model over an ugly guy, sure. Who wouldn’t? But the funny thing is, other things are rarely equal. They may not be equal in terms of body language, eye contact, kino, etc.

From a woman’s point of view, a guy’s “look” more often has to do with his fashion, his accessories, well-groomed facial hair, his hairstyle, and clear healthy skin. All of which are 100% controllable. Because these things reflect his character, his lifestyle and how he treats himself. Goes back to the same thing.

Romance novels are the biggest book category by far. Why? They are the female equivalent of porn. We watch porn–visual, physical–women read romance novels. Reading about hot steamy romantic stuff makes women feel those sexual feelings they crave. It’s 0% visual and 100% emotional/ feelings.

“Try approaching a 5’10 hot blonde sometime even confidently if you are say 5’6 and see what happens there.”

I have. I’m not 5’6″, but… I’m actually 5’5″. I approached a very pretty tall thin black model the other night at a bar (not blonde, but whatever). Great reaction, she introduced me to her friend (a gay male model), we shared a few laughs. I have approached taller women a lot, including blondes (hair color doesn’t mean anything to me, BTW).

If you let it get to you, you have lost before you’ve even begun.

So now you’ve got 2 case studies on top of everything: Lee’s friend, and me.

I know it may seem like “magic” to the uninitiated. But body language, eye contact and touch are real. They have a real effect. Cory Skyy, a friend of Eric, has some great stuff on this. It’s about lifestyle, your passion, your satisfaction with your life, your energy. You affect people around you even when you don’t realize it.

Oh, and don’t go by what women say all the time. Go by what they do.

“Even if you get to talk and chat with her and say make them laugh, they still judge you on your height”

So what’s your excuse for the shorter girls you fail with?

Lee says:

It’s not magic, Paul. It’s just good, solid game. I don’t know anyone with good, solid game who doesn’t do well. But let’s be clear. There aren’t many people in the world with good solid game. Most men meet women by the accident of chance.

Lee says:

It’s funny but the thing I hear all the time from guys who have soured on game is that they did it all just as they were told and it still didn’t work for them. Inevitably, when I meet these guys in person and watch their game, I see a thousand things wrong. Needy behavior. Anxiety. Fear of taking chances. Bad body language. I’ve never met a guy who had truly great game – in the purely objective sense – and could not, because of his physical limitations find desirable women. I can imagine there are some extremes – some disabilities, scarring, whatever – where that wouldn’t be true. But for a wide range of attributes – height, weight, facial structure, etc. – good game trumps all.

also, good game is really just a synonym for ‘accepting your own sexuality’. Most guys who join the community don’t…so they lack the necessary core beliefs and look for a ‘cure’ rather than some extra help. They’ll get laid a bit, since they learn (rightly) that it’s ok to talk to thousands of women, but they often don’t address the core problems.

Once you actually accept that you’re a sexual being, you end up coming into your own anyway. You may be tactically delayed, and that’s where game can help a bit (i.e. lean back, don’t lean in. Or don’t text 6 times a day)

But ultimately you need to forget the fact that you ever doubted yourself.

also, Paul–

about the height thing…

I’m 5’4. Not great looking either. The girls I’ve dated have been 5’7-5’9.

The times that I’ve been thinking about my height or looks I didn’t stand a chance. When I got these girls, for some reason I wasn’t thinking, or didn’t care about my height/looks at all. For whatever reason they liked me. And who am I to question?

It’s not height or looks…it’s awareness of height or looks that causes the problem.

Paul says:

I have a question for you guys…what are your thoughts on online dating? I have a job and situation where getting out is tough at times and I also travel alot for work (no matter what people tell you airports are not the greatest places to meet women).

I have found online women to be far more pickier than women in the “real” world. What is so ironic is that you would think that since they are online they are having trouble either meeting men or finding adequate men – ie not bar lizards or divorced guys with 10 kids from 10 different women. If you do not fit a certain criteria such as height, income, eye color, hair color (or no hair) you are out like flint…

I am always told that sending emails and trying to start a conversation via online is the best way to go but I have not found that work either – if you do not fit the criteria or standards.

So conversation does not seem to work here either.

Are these women mostly damaged goods? Are they just totally unrealistic types (if they are real to begin with).

What are your thoughts and experiences?

KL says:

Paul, the problem isn’t conversation, it’s YOUR conversation, lol. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of stuff do you say to girls?

As far as online dating, I literally just setup my own online profile with a dating site the other day, never done it before. So I really don’t know much about it. Some people swear by it, but I think it’s still really important to live your life and be social in real life regardless.

Lee says:

Paul, I finally agree with you! Well, somewhat. If you have obvious deficits – such as height in your case, or age in my case (I’m almost 47) – online dating is tougher than dating in the non-virtual world. In the non-virtual world, I can approach any woman from 19 to 50 and start a conversation. I don’t get blown out more with younger women than with older women. That’s because my approach itself wins me points. However, online, my age is a very strong filter. I don’t do online dating, but I keep a few profiles up just to understand the dynamics. I can see that my profiles are hardly ever visited by women under the age of 38. Most of the women who visit my profiles are over 40. So, I think the worse we look on paper – height, weight, age, national origin, pictures, income, neighborhood, whatever – the better off we are approaching women live. Good, solid live game can overcome almost any deficit.

Lee says:

@Nick I think you have it exactly backwards. It’s when men try to wing it that they get anxious, stop listening, and focus on trying to impress women. The personalities that come out are not their real personalities, but their anxious, needy, pickup personas. Their true selves are the ones their friends see when these men are not searching for what to say. There is nothing spontaneous about making up a story about what I do for a living. What I do hasn’t changed in years. The idea that I should tell this story differently each time is a costly pretense, one that would make most men needlessly nervous. You should be spontaneous when women give you a reason to be, when they say something interesting, or surprising. When you are talking about elements of your life that pop up in conversation again and again – what you do, where you live, where you grew up, etc. – take the pressure of yourself by saying the same thing each and every time and making it interesting enough to get women to follow suit. That’s what will allow you to focus on other things – body language, voice tone, facial expressions, touch, etc.


Problem with online dating is that women can basically carve out a template for what they ‘think’ they want, apply that filter, and because there are a zillion guys on the site who will go for anything that moves, she can be damn well sure she gets people that fit the bill.

Usually, these people end up being idiots–and the girl would have been better off meeting someone in person who wasn’t her ‘type’ on paper and realising that she actually liked the guy anyway….

Online dating is better if you’re over 5’10 and in your 20′s. That said, I’ve had a few dates, some action, and a couple of short-term relationships from it, but it’s not ideal.

Paul says:


I get what you are saying and agree. But I initialize, send emails, try and tease a little but not overbearing. I get a ton of women looking at my profile and I do not think the filter thing is the issue at hand.

Rather the issue is that while they might look at my profile (after either I look at their profile, send a wink and/or a message) they rarely respond back. When I have experimented with the profile (put myself as 5’10 and/or above) I get a ton of responses. When I go back to where I typically post (5’8) its pretty blah at best.

The only unsolicited emails I get are from older women who are frumpy with 3 kids or suspicious mail order types (great photos but little description).

Another thing is that so many women post the age they are looking for to be much younger on the whole than they are. For instance if you go on, you will find women say 35 who post looking for men age “25 to 38″ and women are supposed to like older men?

The paradox is that online is supposed to be so great for all ages but it seems to be exactly like a “meat market” you would find in downtown NY, LA and the like.

Has Eric ever written anything on this, I mean online or women that put guys in “templates”?

That would be a good article. Women that only say to themselves, “I only am a attracted to tall guys or younger guys” is that not what “Game” is supposed to neutralize?

To me whether its virtual online or in the real world, I still have yet to find really good answers on who to get women to get that template out of their head and “neutralize” it if you will…


Some of the older ‘pua’ stuff…Style/Mystery/The Game, etc. is pretty good in that regard…i.e. whatever the girl thinks she wants, just ignore it until you really DO get flat-out rejected.

I’ve found that type is usually bullshit–but it takes some degree of sexual confidence to over-ride ‘type’. Most girls have dated people who aren’t their ‘type’ loads of times….

I mean…don’t you have an idea in your head of the kind of girl you’d like to be with? Haven’t you been attracted to women who don’t fit that template?

david says:

hi paul yes id like to contadict what you say im a beautiful looking person and i get offers constantly but i dont have the confidence to back it up so i got rejected by every one of them all the time forever, now i dont even bother its too depressing knowing that its me that is putting women off, its me and my personality thats putting women from attraction to dislike in a second swo fuck it its not worth it !

Paul says:


You are not making much sense dude. What are you getting at?

Dogmael says:

I actually get where David is coming from. I’m a decent-looking guy and can usually get my foot in the door, but my AFC ways tend to f@ck things up for me. I’m sure if I had better game, my love life would be a damn sight better. My problem is, my game tends to go out the window once I start dating a chick… I get all “relationship-y” and screw things up.

Rambling… but the point is, looks MIGHT get you in the door (you gotta “pass the physical” as Doc Love says) but game will make or break you in the long run. And I’ve seen hot girls break up with me to date shorter, paunchier guys with more confidence. Sad but true.

Marcello says:

“It’s funny but the thing I hear all the time from guys who have soured on game is that they did it all just as they were told and it still didn’t work for them. Inevitably, when I meet these guys in person and watch their game, I see a thousand things wrong. Needy behavior. Anxiety. Fear of taking chances. Bad body language.”

That’s true. However, correcting all those things is practically impossible as they are reflections of the internal state, you can look out for maybe one or two but when you are talking to a girl you cannot be 100% focused on the totality of your body language. I keep catching myself and correcting some mistakes but there are many more that I can’t control at the same time.

Dogmael says:

Marcello, I’ve found a good way to start is to pay attention to your body language ALL the time. So when I’m talking to my boss, for instance, is my body language “beta”? I’ve actually gotten pretty good at “alpha” body language in most scenarios… it felt odd at first (why am I standing perfectly still when this guy I’m talking to keeps shuffling his feet??)

Granted it gets harder to hold that frame when chatting up a 9 or a 10, but practice on 6s and 7s. As a bonus, there are some highly-datable 7s out there, IMHO :-)

Remy says:

It makes me feel nostalgic, when I was a kid and hoping to get girls without doing anything. That something magical would happen everytime I got into a bar. It just never happened. Ten years have passed now. Things have changed but not that much. I’m just more conscious of is happening around me now.

Well, I liked this article!

Thanks Eric

Cameron says:

“It makes me feel nostalgic, when I was a kid and hoping to get girls without doing anything. That something magical would happen everytime I got into a bar. It just never happened. Ten years have passed now. Things have changed but not that much. I’m just more conscious of is happening around me now.

Well, I liked this article!

Thanks Eric”

Well thats worth repeating.

I think some of the best advice I ever received was to keep some things about you and your emotions close to your chest. Maintain a little mystery about yourself, even if you are in a long-term relationship. It keeps things fresh.

Good solid advice…..

It’s actually funny the times where I have not cared at all and actually pushed myself to bring up the most “stupid” topics that has then created the most passionate, interesting and deep conversations.

And that has for sure covered the boxes unpredictable, passionate and DIFFERENT…..

and the added bonus was that I most of these times closed the girl…


It’s actually very difficult in this busy life to listen news on TV, so I only use world wide web for that purpose, and take the latest information.