Kassem G is a Playah

by Eric Disco
Apr 25

Kassem G is a great interviewer.

He exhibits a lot of natural game during his interviews, particularly in his series Going Deep (NSFW language), where he interviews Porn Stars.

He subtly busts on her, introduces purposefully awkward silences and uses excellent cocky-funny like, “You’re coming on to me a little strong, wouldn’t you say.”

And while it doesn’t seem like a big feat with porn stars, he also demonstrates some excellent ways to get sexual while making it seem like it was her idea.

Here are some excerpts. The first I’ve actually used on dates and it works great.

Kassem G: What turns you on in a guy?

Porn star: I’m turned on by confident guys who make me laugh.

Kassem G: So you must be really turned on right now.

Porn star: Um… I guess…

Kassem G: Ask me what turns me on in a girl.

Porn star: What turns you on in a girl?

Kassem G: Flip fops <rolls his eyes sarcastically at her footware>

Another great sequence.

Kassem G: Are you, A) Attracted to me, B) Extremely attracted to me, or C) About to give me a blowjob

Porn Star: Extremely attracted to you!

Kassem G: The answer was C.


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7 responses
Relentless says:

That was hilarious, there was something about the way he delivered it too. He was so low energy too but damn that was entertaining.

That link did seem broken, if anyone wants to see the vid check it out here:


Nathan says:

The dude’s killer on his California On series too

Cameron says:

Hahaha that dude is money I’m so stealing those lines.

Matt says:

That guy is brilliant. A friend showed me his stuff, but later I forgot his name. Glad you posted this.

Tom says:

Good point but I gotta say he totally ripped off of ZACH GALIFANAKIS! Not so cool that he ripped off the delivery.

Karma says:

Wow…thanks for posting…the guy sure is a player.
Also, the questions he asks the girls can work as qualifiers at day2′s.


That guy is hilarious! Reminds me of Triumph the Insult Comic.

And yeah, very much like Zach Galifanakis.