Ode to Nice

by Eric Disco
Jan 20


Nice is predictable. Nice eradicates tension.

Nice smooths over conflict. Nice is guaranteed to be inoffensive.

“How are you?” you text her the day after your date.

Nice is not cocky. Nice is not selfish.

Nice picks up the tab.

Nice is chivalrous. Nice is polite.

Nice is kind because you’re supposed to be kind.

Nice puts her first, because she’s a woman.

Nice doesn’t take the lead because you’re trying to figure out what she wants.

“I’m up for whatever. What do you want to do?”

Nice is that feeling that you can’t keep her guessing. Nice is confessing and confessing and confessing.

Nice is low expectations. Nice is high tolerance. Nice doesn’t judge. Nice always smiles.

Nice plays the angel while she’s acting the devil.

Nice doesn’t take up too much of her time. Nice makes it easy as possible for her.

Nice is your strategy when you have no other strategy. Nice is blindness, because forethought would be manipulative.

Nice shows mercy at her first hint of weakness. Nice let’s her know that she already has you.

Nice let’s her off the hook. “It’s okay. No problem. Don’t worry about it.”

Nice is a bowl of sugar poured into wine. Nice is a Yes Man. Don’t you agree?

Nice is facade easily recognized. Nice is well-behaved, just in case, so you’ll never have yourself to blame.

Nice doesn’t negotiate. Nice doesn’t make demands. Nice opens its pockets and says “take whatever you want.”

Nice is patient. Nice is muted.

Nice is a dog with his balls cut off. Nice does not jump around and bark. Nice sits in the corner waiting for his master.

Nice is hiding how much you want her, so maybe you can sleep with her.

richardsalcido.com13Nice hopes she’ll want to fuck you because of your propriety.

Nice is not like “those other guys” who push for sex, and make moves and get laid. Nice is a pond of still, stagnate water, watching rivers run by.

Nice is a sexual death sentence she hands with a smile.

“He’s the nicest guy I ever met!”

Nice is her friend. Nice listens close while she talks about other guys.

Nice gives till it hurts, then gives some more.

Nice accepts Hell, thinking that means you deserve Heaven.

Nice pours it on after you’ve hooked up. Sex was a gift and you were lucky to get it.

Nice tries to convince her that you would never, ever do anything to hurt her.

Nice is an “I love you” when you run out of things to say. Nice can’t stop reassuring her that everything is okay.

Nice is the very first lesson you ever learned. Nice is a foundation, without any house.

Nice is a story without any conflict. Nice is knife, without any teeth.

Nice is a champion of the dispossessed, the poor, the unfortunate, the mailman, the other man… anyone but himself.

Nice is a consolation prize you keep winning over and over and over again.

Nice is your self-esteem on a lonely Saturday night.


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Paul says:

It’s all about balance. It’s okay to have manners/respect without being a doormat.

Starvosk says:

Nice is what we were trained to be as school children, so that we would be compliant in class, and more importantly, wouldn’t kill the other kids.

In the adult world, the person that takes what he can and gets away with it is the material/evolutionary winner.

People that are ‘nice’ for a living: preists/monks/Dalai Lhama, are generally unconcerned with getting laid or material possessions.

Unless you’ve transcended materialism, nice is rarely in your best interest. Nice is how one demonstrates subserviance in an effort to gain favor from a superior. IE, a citizen to the government (protection) or a boss to his worker (wages). We are nice to each other so other people are nice to us.

Unless you are living in some kind of bizarre fantasy world, sex isn’t included in the ‘mutual respect’ package. It must be taken.

If your superior has no obligation to bestow favor, why is she your superior? If she is not your superior, why are you acting to curry her favor?

GT Sam says:

Nice is not really that nice after all

ThisIsntNice says:

This isn’t nice, this is doormat insecure man-boy.

The thing says:

So it seems to me, and here’s the struggle I find with Seducction, is that, generally, its a race to the bottom. A race to be unavailable, distant, overimportant, brash and selfish.

I realize some things I can change and should change, being more confident, taking the lead, having my own life (something I never wanted to get rid of).

However many of these things just seem like generally shitty qualities.

Not paying for dinner/opening up the wallet-makes sense

“Nice is low expectations. Nice is high tolerance. Nice doesn’t judge. Nice always smiles.” I understand why this doesn’t work but it still makes me sad in a way. That’s my biggest problem, the fact that some stuff, to act a certain way goes against what I feel is right, but seems to work better.

Eric Disco says:

So it seems to me, and here’s the struggle I find with Seducction, is that, generally, its a race to the bottom. A race to be unavailable, distant, overimportant, brash and selfish.

I agree that this is only one part of the equation, the “push” if you will. It’s good to show your independence and self-sufficiency. But there is also a lot to be learned in the “pull.”

Being nice is the worst way to “pull” a girl toward you. A better way is to genuinely appreciate her as a human being and to really emotionally connect with her.

Being “nice” gets in the way of that too. If you are too eager to show that you approve of every word she’s saying, when you truly do show interest in her, it won’t come across as sincere because you’ve been buttering her up all this time.

And chances are she won’t even feel inclined to share these meaningful things about herself if she feels she’s already won your approval too early on.


MrAntiquity says:

Hey, The Thing–

Well…part of the problem is that the term ‘nice’ has gotten co-opted and linked with pushover men who are absolutely terrified of girls but would do anything imaginable to get into their pants.

Nice is actually a GREAT quality…but you have to be nice and sexy or you have an uphill climb. A girl may think a pillow is nice. She may also think George Clooney is nice.

It’s how you use it. To be honest, I’m much less ‘nice’ then I used to be–’nice’ in the pushover sense that Eric’s describing above. But, and here’s the kicker…my relationships with EVERYBODY (not just women) have improved!

Nobody…and I mean NOBODY likes someone who’s too ‘nice’.

Another fail says:

haha, another blatant regurgitation of standard pua dogma. Do you have any original thoughts, Eric? You might be able to develop some if you actually interacted with chicks. Have fun fooling your virgin followers though. They’re eating this shit up. But it must be eating you up inside to be living a lie. Seriously, how do you sleep at night? It would be really easy to prove me wrong and make me eat my words and at the same time gain huge credibility among your virgin followers. But I don’t think we’ll ever be seeing a video of you in action. Hard to make a video of something that never happens.

Kevin says:

I think the whole thing about being nice depends on the whole motivation for being nice. Are you being nice because that’s who you are? Or are you being nice because that’s who you think others want you to be? I honestly think that’s the difference between being a nice guy, and being a “nice” guy.

Broex says:

Great article.. Right on Eric.. Great comments too

-Another Fail, Get a life dude.. if this is not for you then go somewhere else… What would a video prove to you.. No one has anything to prove to you, dick. This is not all about being a virgin or getting laid its about taking a closer look at yourself and becoming a better you. Bring something to the table asshole.


RLAJay says:

This entire article is pretty poor.

What you’re referring to as nice is in fact better described as weak. Nice is not weak, one can be strong yet also nice. One can be unpredictable yet also nice, one can be a challenge yet also nice.

This kind of talk only serves to create more misguided drones of pua, the souls that believe acting the hardman and being a complete misogynist is the right thing to do.

I sincerely recommend that nobody reading this take it seriously.

Bastian says:

Broex, a video would prove that Eric Disco is real and is worth the 1500 dollars (3000 dollars normally) he charges for six weeks. Look at Brad P and the girls he picks up, (Ref. Pics at PUAhate). They are not “HB10″ `s that`s for sure and Eric seems to hold Brad P in high regard.

Virgin alert says:

You clueless virgins on here really need to wake up and start questioning the pua gurus you worship. If you’re actually going to take advice from clueless virgins like eric disco, at least demand that he shows you proof that his recommendations lead to success. He can’t demonstrate that though. You’ll never see a video or even any photos of him with girls. Why is that? He could be gay for all you know.

Cameron says:

Ooooh whats with all the hate and trolling going on recently? Its pretty silly. Why can’t we all just get along……

Axel says:


I have seen videos of Eric Disco showing what he’s got with women. He’s a senior coach at Pickup101 and is featured in a few of their videos, such as Makeout Mastery, and he is for real. His money is definitely where his mouth is.

Of course, if you gave the products a fucking chance you’d know this. You’re really just being ignorant.

Nice try says:

Axel wrote: “I have seen videos of Eric Disco showing what he’s got with women. He’s a senior coach at Pickup101 and is featured in a few of their videos, such as Makeout Mastery, and he is for real.”

Are you kidding? pickup101 uses chicks they pay to interact with guys on stage. so no doubt, everything they do, even in field, utilizes paid models. As far as we know, you could be working for pickup101. otherwise, why would you be defending this clown? it’s obvious from the things he writes about that he doesn’t do well with women and doesn’t even really understand attraction. here’s a hint: it has nothing to do with the angle of your body orientation or how nice or not nice you are.

but anyway, i hope pickup101 is paying you well. keep scamming gullible guys with your nonsense.

f-the-trolls says:

Eric keep up the great work. This is a great piece, complemented by the push-pull article.

Just as awful and wimpish as being nice is being an a-hole in anonymous comments, like the trollers on here.

When I see the troll posts I wonder why the posters are so threatened by what is written here that they need to attack?

A real man — a confident man — wouldn’t feel threatened by this article at all — and would just shrug and go read some other site. Right?

Al says:

Very true. In my opinion, using kindness, charm and generosity where appropriate is being a good guy, very different to a ‘nice’ guy who is nice all the time. I was brought up by parents who wanted me to be nice 24/7, but at the end of the day, people will not be nice back. Especially when it comes to sex and relationships. Men are not nice. Women are not nice. And if you teach someone to be nice that often, you can be doing them a cruelty.

Lee says:

Man, the haters are fucking nuts. So funny, because this is the site where we love to meet other members who post. Eric and I personally met with a bunch of guys on here – Alex_B and Alexander last week, KL the week before that, DLite on several occasions. Videos mean nothing. It could take 100 videos to get one spectacular pickup – hardly proof that a coach is good. Pictures mean even less. If I go out with a camera, I can get all the pictures I want by approaching hot girls and saying “You girls look amazing. There’s a girl I’m kinda in love with but she won’t give me the time of day. Can I take a picture with you guys to make her jealous?” Do you know what girls do when given this opportunity? They ham it the fuck up! They get all over you. Seriously, the only proof that a coach is good is watching him approach girls you select live! Then and only then will you see both the successes and the failures. And this is probably the only site on the Internet where coaches will do that for you.


Alex_B says:

Yup Getting a first hand glimpse of Lee and Eric work magic gave way better insight then a take 13 of a youtube pickup video. Good times

chrys says:

as i read my stomach hurts. My body refuses to continue..Niceness IS blinding!