How to Accept a Compliment

by Eric Disco
Jan 17


As you start to get more confident, it starts to happen to you more often.

Women will compliment you.

Sometimes it happens out of the blue, and sometimes it’s after she’s gotten to know you.

Learning to accept compliments takes a bit of practice.

As an introverted guy, you may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed at first. You don’t like to be the center of attention. Try to get comfortable with it.

Knowing what to do can help.

Firstly, when it happens, even though you may feel like it, don’t compliment her back, at least not when she compliments you.

If you do want to compliment her, it’s more meaningful if you wait until it’s not connected to her compliment.

What’s the best thing to say when someone compliments you? Is it ungracious to make a joke of it? Is it weird to be so serious about it?

How you respond really depends on the depth of the compliment. If it’s a surface compliment, like about your looks, or something you’re wearing, then go with something more flirty.

This is especially good if you’ve just met.

Let’s say she compliments you on your shirt. You could say:

“Thank you. Flattery will get you everywhere!”

“Stop, you’re making me blush!”

“Thank you. But you don’t have to butter me up, I like you already!”

cameron_stewart2“You women are all the same, first you compliment me, then you buy me a drink, and then you want to take me home to see your cat. I’m not falling for it!”

Perhaps you’ve gotten to know each other a bit.

She gives you a sincere compliment about who you are or something meaningful.

You’re going to want to respond with something more genuine.

The best thing is a simple “Thank you.”

You can also add:

“That means a lot.”

“That’s really sweet of you.”

“That’s so nice of you to say!”

“I appreciate that.”


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11 responses

Great post. Most guys underestimate the importance of this. If I think back and remember all the times I was approached by women with a compliment and all the times I screwed it up by not knowing how to react it makes me want to vomit. It’s like missing a layup! LOL.

Cameron says:

Yeh I agree, accepting compliments shows a lot of confidence, I think thank you is the best way to go.

And I hear you Robbie! Not so long ago this hot blonde told me I was beautiful at a party and I had no idea how to react and didnt even kiss her! *face palm!*

Richard P says:

Brilliant Eric. It really impresses me how you come up with these great topics, that are really subtle, but happen to all of us. As I’ve gotten my look together people have been complimenting my hair and jacket constantly. I just reply with a lame “thanks”….


Yep says:

What is this shit? How to accept compliments? Ridiculous. Is this a Miss Manners column? Seriously, Eric has to be one of the biggest, most clueless virgins in the PUA community if this is what you really think about when interacting with women. But anyway, where’s the in-field video of you, Eric? Since you’re so awesome with women, you must be getting compliments all the time. Show us a video of how it’s done. Your buddy Robbie Kramer can handle the camera. But somehow, I guarantee no video will ever appear.

I think Yep goes home and beats off with one hand while trolling the internet with the other.

Great post as always, Eric. Keep it up!

zeus says:

Just ask Tim Silva

Lee says:

Videos are a stupid standard for pickup expertise. When was the last time we required Michael Jordan’s basketball coach to show us his airborne slam? This site talks about so many aspects of dating and pickup that it would be impossible to fit them all into 100 videos, much less one. Frankly, I think Eric should put up one video at some point, something generic and simple, maybe a successful cold approach and number close. But come on, guys, that’s not going to satisfy anyone on here. Someone’s going to say it’s fake. Someone’s going to say that it’s not the same situation as the one described in a particular article. In other words, it’ll never be enough. Actually, technical aspects aside, videos are easy to make. Just by chance alone, some interactions are positive, which is to say that if even a moderately skilled pickup artist goes out wired, he will eventually get video or at least audio of a really good interaction. Of course, we don’t see what happens next. We don’t see if the number is a flake or if the date is shitty. Videos are just a bad standard. Testimonials from guys who have taken Eric’s workshops or hired him as a coach are much better.

Dan says:

Lee’s right – a video won’t satisfy anyone because they’ll find another excuse to try and discredit Eric and the skills he describes on this site.

A little more than a year ago, I took the six-week coaching course with Eric. Before I took that on, I had never had any kind of success with women. I had discovered Eric’s site and I liked his approach because it felt genuine and was closer to my character and personality.

The course opened my eyes to what was possible – I was having fun conversations with cute girls who were total strangers minutes before. The coaching helped primarily because he knew when to push me – when I’m out on my own, it’s a lot easier to come up with excuses to not go and talk to that gorgeous babe in the bookstore.

I won’t say that the experience changed my life because now I have multiple girlfriends, sex whenever I want and can pickup any girl I choose. In fact, none of those things is true. The difference now is that I know it doesn’t have to be this way, and that if I motivate myself and commit to practicing, I’m going to have positive experiences with women and hopefully one day meet the love of my life.

I always thought I missed the class in life where they teach you how to meet girls because I had no idea what to do around them. Eric showed me that it’s not too late to learn.

Cameron says:

Great job Dan! Thats awesome!

Paul says:

How about something cocky? What if she says something like:

“You’re fun!”

Could I respond with:

“I know” and grin.

Lee says:

@Paul You can respond to a compliment with something cocky, but you shouldn’t always do that. If she’s giving you value by complimenting you, you should reward her, at least some of the time. When girls say something nice about me, I use it as an excuse to get physical by putting up my hands up and saying “Awwww, give me a hug, sugah!”