Focus on the Physical

by Eric Disco
Jul 11

zenescope.com9It’s 1 PM on a humid Saturday afternoon.

I step onto the subway train.

The air conditioning feels like a relief. I see an open seat and sit down in it.

Almost immediately I notice her.

She’s standing on the other side of the train. I can only see her from the back but she looks amazing in her tight shorts.

It’s only when she turns a bit can I see the full extent of her cuteness. She’s even cuter from the front.

Every other guy on the train notices her as well. You can see them stealing glances.

This is the first girl today who’s inspired my interest. I notice her back is fully tattoo’d and think to myself that I could tell her I like her tattoo.

But it would be too weird and too obvious to walk all the way across the train to tell her I like her tattoo. Even the thought of that gives me too much anxiety.

So I take the next step in the process: focus on the physical.

How am I going to put myself physically next to her?

That’s my aim in this situation. I’m not thinking about what to say to her, what opener to use or any other step in the process.

Use any excuse necessary.

I stand up from where I’m sitting and I walk over to a subway map and look at it briefly before continuing on my way and standing in close proximity to her.

I get myself comfortable where I’m standing. I look around the subway car for a few moments.

And then, very casually, I tap this beauty on the shoulder. She pulls out her headphones as she turns her attention to me.

“I like your tattoo,” I say.

zenescope.com1“Thanks!” she says.

“One of my friends,” I say, “has been getting a dragon tattoo on her whole back. It’s been taking her a while.”

“I started mine before the summer but I’m going to finish it after the summer, because you can’t go into the sun for two weeks.”

I laugh and say “And you were like ‘fuck that, I’m not staying inside all summer!’ right?”

“Yeah, totally,” she laughs.

“What inspired your tattoo?” I ask her.

She starts to tell me about how her father has a thing for dragons. Pretty soon the interaction is off and running.

Every guy on the train is looking at me dumbfounded, not wanting to believe that someone could engage a beautiful girl like that.

I know, because I used to be that guy.

As I step off the train with her that afternoon, I can feel the heat coming off the platform, and off of this new found cutey next to me.


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Mark02 says:

Awesome. This is encouraging. You make it seem so easy, Eric…and it’s not easy, it’s hard, but I guess it’s much simpler than we make it out to be.

Nicky says:

The way you’re aware of you’re inner state and can communicate it so clearly is rare and so useful to read.

Thanks for posting these!


KL says:

Those first few moments are definitely key–they make or break the interaction. It’s also very important that you be comfortable, mentally and physically, when you first approach her, as you demonstrate.

It’s interesting you mention the surprise from the other guys on the train. In reality, your success is really not surprising at all, because a hot girl wears those skimpy clothes for a reason–to get attention from confident, attractive men.

Stephen says:

You know you’re the best PUA out there because to me you seem the most genuine…and this article is a great example.

Other “PUA” say they have been through this and that and try to flog the answer to our problems.

Axel says:

Right on, Eric!
Reminds me I need to shape up on that aspect – just getting near the damn woman at least.

Ben says:

Thank you for this post!

Tido says:

Lol, sounds like a walk in the park! Great to see such things are possible, thanks for the inspiration Eric.

Tido says:

@ Eric,

Sorry for the multiple postings. The title of this post is “Focus on the Physical”. Can you talk a bit this some more, do you mean physical surroundings, her physical communication, your own physical communication. I assume when you tapped her on the shoulder you had a totally congruent body language, not giving off much nervous vibes. :)

Eric Disco says:

do you mean physical surroundings, her physical communication, your own physical communication. I assume when you tapped her on the shoulder you had a totally congruent body language, not giving off much nervous vibes.

I mean that you are looking at the physical situation. Where is she standing? Where am I? How can I get over to her? I’m focusing on what is physically happening rather than thinking about what I should say, what could happen, etc. The only question in my mind is how I can get over to her.

I am aware of my body language and her body language. I’m not necessarily trying to not give off a nervous vibe, but I won’t face her too much or give her overly intense eye contact on a casual opener like this.


It’s interesting how much pent up thinking we do, like you said “I can do this, or that.” It’s funny, once you get past the anxiousness – like you demonstrated, it is like a walk in the park!

Tido says:

@ Eric,

Thanks for clarifying this for me. “The only question in my mind if how I can get over to her.” – this really makes an approach much simpler. You’re vibe from the description seems very casual. Did you get her number? Or did you just want to chat with her?

AreaWoman says:

Way to go Eric!!! Approaching a girl about her tattoo is a no-fail endeavor. Coming from someone who has her own dragon tattoo on her back, I can safely say that people with tattoos are always happy to talk about their body art with pretty much anyone. Yes, it CAN be this simple.

Northern says:

Everything becomes simpler the longer you have done it, be it lifting heavy weights or talking to stunning women.

Tido says:

@ Northern
When it becomes simpler, does it also become less rewarding?

Northern says:

Does Hugh Hefner still enjoy sex?

Axel says:

Hell, can he even get it up?

Rems says:

Wow! It takes guts to do that. That’s the way to go Eric!

[...] Approach Anxiety » Focus on the Physical [...]

Talisman says:


Awesome post. The part I got the most from, strangely enough, was your response to her comment on waiting til after summer. I’d have been like “oh yeah, cool” — probably not even having registered the reason she waited to finish it. Or if I’d had the presence of mind to figure it out, I’d probably have just said “oh yeah, good thinking.” I can see how your response, tinged with emotion, elicits a better response.

Anyhow, for the question: I know of these “conversation demolitions,” but are there any resources for… normal conversations? :) Nothing super witty, but just, you know, fun interactions. That would probably improve my game 2x.

(Not sure if you still read these, Eric — so if there’s no response in a couple days, I may post to the forum. Thanks!)