Don't Call It Lucky. Call It Tuesday.

by Eric Disco
Jan 6


10 AM. Subway.

I spot a hotty across the train.

She’s sitting but there are people in the seats next to her.

A stop later, a seat next to her clears up.

With no hesitation, I squeeze past some baby carriages and sit down next to her.

I pull out my phone and start flipping through it.

“Hey…” I say slowly in her direction. She turns her attention to me.

I’m still looking at my phone.

“Where’s Koreatown…? Is that in the 30′s…?”

“Yeah,” she responds in a friendly tone. “It’s around 34th street between 5th and 6th.”

“Hmm…” I say. I look over at her and give her a little eye contact. “Because me and my friends are thinking about doing some karaoke later.”

I like to mention something about my friends when I open women. It gives me a bit of social proof.

“Is it better to get a private room with your friends or go to a karaoke bar?” I ask.

“It depends,” she responds. “If you have enough people, probably a private room.”

“You know, some people really geek out on Karaoke,” I say.

willmurai.com3“They get their own Karaoke machines and practice alone at home.”

“You’re not one of those people, are you?” I ask her.

“No!” She laughs.

“You don’t even sing in the shower?” I ask her.

“I sing while I’m driving!”

“Wow, you have a car in the city?” I say.

“They gave it to me for my job,” she says.

“Oh man, what do you do that they give you a car?”

And the interaction is off and running…


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Sasha Pua says:

And then what happened?! I was just getting into it!! ;)

I just found your blog man – it’s really slick!! Do you create those images yourself or what?

Oh – something I discovered about women on the subway – you don’t have to get a seat next to them to open then. Just stand in front of them facing the front of the train (so they are staring at your hip) ….

Then look down, gently touch their knee… when they look up you say “Hey… you better not be checking out my butt down there! ….. (she objects) …. Now I’m not saying 100% that you were. But you’re in a great position to check out my butt if you were so inclinced. That’s all I’m saying…. (pause) … Come on seriously, you were checking it out weren’t you!”

After that “hey i’m just teasing…. where are you off to? etc etc”

Obviously they have to have at least a bit of a sense of humour for this to work. But hey – if they don’t – I don’t wanna be their friend anyway!

Looking foward to more blog entries ;)


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John says:

Pictures are made by Will Murai.

Nicky says:

Hey man,

Just wanted to let you know I appreciate these types of entries! Building an understanding of how these interactions startup really helps.


AlphaWolf says:

Nice open and great transition. Eric if you are up for it, we’d love to do a piece with you on PUA Lingo. Maybe a guest post.