Getting Sexual – Podcast with Cory Skyy

by Eric Disco
Dec 18


In this podcast Cory and I have a conversation.

We talk about a topic very near and dear to my heart: getting sexual.

“I’m never all over a girl. She’s always all over me,” Cory says.

Cory gives the dirty details about a recent experience of his.

He explicitly talks about what happened and how it happened.

He also talks about:

  • How things progress from verbal to physical
  • How he escalates the interaction
  • How he teases a girl to amp up the connection
  • What Cory does on a first date
  • How he sets the mood
  • Why he doesn’t hold hands with a girl before they’re dating and what he
    does instead
  • Why he never leans in with women, except on some occasions–and what those occasions are
  • What he does if a girl won’t kiss him on the first date

Get Sexual with Cory Skyy

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13 responses
Andres says:

This guy may be a master, but he says “you know” every other freaking sentence! Eric, didn’t you, you know, write a post about filler words…

Great podcast again!! I would say it to everyone: DOWNLOAD THIS PODCAST AND TREASURE IT!

Thanks for the great stuff… ;-)

relentless d says:

Any chance you can post a link Cory’s ‘long-distance’ training program?

sounds pretty tight

thx in advance

Eric Disco says:

Any chance you can post a link Cory’s ‘long-distance’ training program?

Here’s the link:


nonstop says:

I’ve watched some of his youtube videos and he seems to bring up points specific to what you’ve said in reference to what he feels guys shouldn’t do.. ie: approach a girl every day, he would say not at all.

Is this a point of contention between you guys, or just a “different folks, different strokes” kind of thing? I’m not suggesting one way is better than another, just curious that you guys get along but have conflicting views on stuff.

Karma says:

Cory Skyy is very good looking dude with alpha body language. With that combination, it’s easy to get laid.

Cory approaches ONLY after he has made eye contact and has clearly sensed attraction. That’s warm approach. That’s amateur game.

The masters do it differently. They don’t WAIT for attraction to happen before approaching. The masters approach and GENERATE attraction proactively. That’s what Neil Strauss, Lance Mason, Mystery, Eric Disco and Brad P do. That’s true game.

I used to do Cory Skyy’s ‘eye contact game’ before I got good at this. I am a good looking guy with alpha body language and getting laid was never a problem for me. I made eye contact, ensured IOI, and then approached. Easy.

But my challenge was/is cold approaching hot women who are in groups, generating attraction without alienating her friends, isolating her, building rapport and taking her home or at least a solid number close. This is the skill you need for getting HIGH QUALITY women with options (women who are not looking around to make eye contact with random guys).

What I liked about this interview though was Eric’s interview style. The way he asks questions and gets the f**k out of the way. Eric is probably the world’s best interviewer.

nonstop says:

Hmm, I see your point.

Wim says:

@Karma: You make a strong case, but a lot of theory you paraphrase is at this moment obsolete.

For example: you cannot *generate* attraction. It’s not something you do, it’s something you are.

Although Cory isn’t the best at explaining things, I think he’s part of the men who understand that getting girls is not really that important. Of course, as you probably know, with that attitude ironically you get the most results.

Well-adjusted men know this thing instinctively. Other men like me and you have to learn this.

stayfly says:

I want to download this on my Iphone but I can’t seem to find it on Itunes.

Will it be available on Itunes soon?

ben says:

the link to this podcast is broken. any chance of a reup? thanks

Zhelyazko says:

Is the problem in my machine or in the server, because it says the podcast is not there

Swoop says:

still really hoping to get a crack at this podcast again.

Lost the file sometime ago and the file is still broken.

Any help would be great, this is a sticking point for me on escalation.

Scoop says:

Are all of these podcasts un-downloadable now? I just discovered the site and would like to listen to them… where can i find them?