Into the Driving Rain with Her

by Eric Disco
Sep 5

It’s an ugly ugly day out. Cold and pouring rain.

I drank too much coffee and I’m feeling on edge.

I get onto the subway platform in Union Square.

I just finished my daily round: Starbucks, Barnes and Noble. Whole foods.

I didn’t even really get past banter with anyone today. Not many attractive women and I’m not quite in the mood.

As walk the length of the subway platform, I see a cute girl.

Not in the mood.

I see another cute girl. Not in the mood to walk over to her.

Then I see this amazing hotty. Mediterranean look, olive skin, and a body to die for.

She walks past. I consider.

All I’m going to do is stand next to her, I decide.

I walk to the other end of the platform. By the time I get next to her, the train has already arrived.

It’s crowded and we both get on the train, nowhere near each other.

Doesn’t matter, I think to myself. All that matters is that I took the initiative. I put my feet in motion when I felt attraction.

The train arrives in Brooklyn and I get off my stop. She’s slightly in front of me.

Her low-cut blouse is teasing me, exciting me.

We step off the train and move with the crowd. I can tell she’s aware of my presence.

I decide I am going to do the bare minimum: stop her and tell her she’s really cute and then be on my way.

But there’s no good place to stop her. Crowds of people are moving like a wave.

I have to stop her before we get out into the rain, I think to myself.

Before the final set of stairs I pause, she’s now behind me. I wait for her.

I stop her and stutter a bit. “I know this is random, but I just had to tell you how cute you are.”

Her face lights up with a smile. I introduce myself. I banter a bit with her.

I ask her how her day is. She says she’s having a rough day.

She asks me how I am. I say something about my awesome weekend.

I invite her to have a drink with me.

We step out of the subway and into the driving rain, under my umbrella.

We find a bar and the adventure begins.


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20 responses
Francis says:

Eric man, you owned it!

Well done!

Doodle2 says:

I find that very inspirational because you are showing signs of nervousness and resiliance yet you still pull off a bold move on a cute girl.


David H says:

Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing. My favorite type of interaction.

tooshy says:

Eric you describe the art of approaching like no other man. I’m not being a fanboy but seriously, I think what we all need to realize that although for a short moment we could be seriously embarrassed (which is a GOOD thing, because it makes us bigger men), with that short moment we could also change our lives. That girl could be a bitch, or she could be the greatest person in your life. And you will never know until you go up to her. And there’s just something so poetic about that.


Talus says:

Nice work! As I ran the scenario through my head, I heard her ask me:

Her: *grin* Do you say that to every girl you see?
Me: “*stammer* Uh… no” (BZZZ)
Me: “Only… the… cute ones?” (BZZZ)
Me: “Nah, they usually say it to me” (too cocky unless you know how to be playful?)

I couldn’t banter if I had an army of script writers in my ear. Where does one learn? How does one practice? Picking up hints from the environment is one suggestion, but I always manage to put my foot in my mouth.

So, whenever I find the courage to approach that hottie, I kick myself for not only being unable to follow it through, but not improving at all with the bantering.

Talus says:

To be clear, even the cocky-but-workable line took me minutes of deep thought to come up with.

Roger Belkins says:

i give you props man. even when you were not in the mood to approach, you still did it.

H3x says:


I know your post is about wanting to be more witty, but to be honest, half of the women I’ve picked up have just been from having the balls to approach and have a conversation, even if it was initially a somewhat boring one. Be confident, be interested, and be interesting…bantering is just a tool that if you do the latter three things, you’ll be money most of the time.

- H3x

Btw, great post again Eric. I love how you go through the thoughts that led up to your interaction. It lets us know that you’re human and still have fears, just like the rest of us. Thanks bro.

tooshy says:

I agree with H3x. I think its all about being relaxed and making her comfortable.

Talus says:

Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

I agree that the confidence and interest are the most important parts, but the former is greatly boosted when I’m feeling particularly clever. Plus, although boring *can* work, banter is almost always better, I think (as long as it’s polite, of course).

I ask not because I refuse to go out there without it, but because it’s a learnable skill and it’s hugely surprising to me that there aren’t lots of instructions out there already (or at least I can’t find them).

Even a page of sample back-and-forths would be great to get the mental juices flowing. I often don’t think of them myself because they sound so stupid on paper (“soo… I’ll bet YOU’RE the troublemaker of the group. It’s always the sweet-looking ones you don’t suspect…”)

Joshua says:

Damn I’m kind of jealous of you man. In my 20 years of living in NYC, I’d go to the park as a teenager and get into fights, no problem. But I never had the balls to approach a chick in the subway. Props to you man. I’m trying to overcome the mental block I get alot when I try to talk to girls.

H3x says:


Here are a few stock banter lines:

Also, you can see some text based interactions over at EntropyPUA’s website: Search for “Conversation Demolitions” like this one:

Hopefully that’s what you were looking for.

Ps. I apologize if I am violating any of your rules Eric.

Talus says:

Oh right, sorry here too if this was a bad place for this discussion. I’ll wrap it up here.

H3x: dude, that’s exactly what I was looking for. You’re my new best friend — are you housebroken? :-P

Anonymous_Coward says:

Interest is no problem for me – My tongue hangs out, I may as well have a big flashing neon sign growing out of my head saying “Horny Wanker”. The question I always ask myself is “What’s in it for her?” And that is a question I can’t answer.

Axel says:

On the inverse, I’m wrestling a lack of interest. Just recently had two women disappoint me and now I can’t seem to generate interest in any women at all. Probably just a passing phase!

Horny Wanker, at the very least your massive interest in them will make them feel validated and attractive, and they should at least walk away with a bit of a skip in their step. So you might as well approach, it’ll make them feel better.

(of course, me telling anyone to approach is a large load of hypocrisy)

rico says:

There is some kind of paradox in my head It’s like sometimes I’m to “proud” to approach a woman.

Wouldn’t it show neediness, if I just walked up to her? Shouldn’t she work for my attention first, instead of me displaying lower value by working for HER attention? When I truly was an alpha male with a lot of options, wouldn’t it be more natural for the women to approach ME?

schwabsauce says:

Rico, I think being too proud is just creative avoidance. We’ve all been there, but if you’re honest about it, wouldn’t a proud guy have the wherewithal to talk to someone for his own benefit without having to apologize or explain himself to anyone?

Also, I agree with the other posters who are impressed with the finale to this approach. Something dramatic like that, I would think, also helps overcome some of the hovering that may have already entered her consciousness (she walked past you on the platform and you followed).

Yet I think the take-home lesson here is twofold. First, that forming small goals like moving your feet is important for many reasons, including that it makes you more comfortable approaching and less comfortable with not approaching. When I’m waiting for a train, why not waltz around the platform. It has led to more than a few cool encounters.

Second, the approach need not be dramatic. Stopping on the steps is pretty manly, but really? It’s not his best work. Yet it was more than enough of an excuse for her to give some attention and be cordial. And you can get away with much less than that!

StrayAura says:

Wow.. I enjoy your writing. It inspires me…