What if I were Tall, Rich and Handsome?

by Eric Disco
Aug 1

It can be daunting to think about everything you don’t have in your life.

You’re not a rock star.

You’re not rich.

Maybe you weren’t born with good looks.

Sucks to be you.

There are probably lots of things in your life that you feel would give you more of an advantage with women.

You could go so far as to list all the things you have going for you and against you.

Whether you are:

  • Rich
  • Handsome
  • Have a big penis
  • Have nice hair or are bald
  • Tall
  • In-shape or overweight
  • Have a good career
  • Have a position of power
  • Whether you’re famous
  • Live in a good home/apartment
  • Whether your home/apartment is in a good location
  • Have many friends you have
  • How cool your friends are
  • Whether you dress cool
  • Have cool interests
  • Have a great family
  • Come from good pedigree
  • Whether you drive a motorcycle
  • Whether you’re in a rock band
  • etc., etc. etc.

This list could go on forever.

If you were a chick, you could make a list of what you’re looking for in a guy.

You could have someone interview a hundred guys and put things down on that checklist.

And you may look at your life and think, wow, I hardly have any of those things. Or maybe you have more than some other guys.

A girl could put a checkmark next to whether you qualify for what she’s looking for.

Is he tall? Nope. Forget that guy.

He is tall, but is he handsome? Nope, forget that guy.

He is tall and handsome, but is he rich? Nope, forget that guy.

It seems there are a whole list of things women are looking for and you have some of them but not others.

Does that mean because you don’t have some of these qualities you are limited to what kind of women you can get?

The answer, unequivicoally, is No.

That woman has a list of things she wants in a guy. But that list is things she PREFERS.

Put two guys next to each other who are exactly the same, one who lives in a multi-million dollar penthouse overlooking central park, and another guy lives in a one-room beat-up old apartment in the projects.

Which will she prefer? The guy in the penthouse.

But there’s a funny thing at play here when it comes to women and romance.

It’s not what she prefers that gets her hot and wet.

It’s the way you act around her. It’s the way you make her feel about herself.

And the way you show her you feel about yourself.

That guy in the penthouse could have the worst game.

He could be an insecure needy wimp who tries to worm his way into women’s lives by showering them with gifts and calling them 24 hours a day.

The guy in the ghetto apartment could be a complete stud who dates 10 of the sexiest women you’ve ever seen.

It’s all possible, because of what you do with her.

How she ends up feeling around you is much more powerful than what she prefers.

Having all the positives in that checklist above might make it easier to get certain opportunities, but in the end it’s what happens with her feelings that will either make her crazy about you or turn her off to you.

Good game shines a light on all your great qualities, and turns a light away from your weaknesses. Or even better, it makes her fall in love with your weaknesses.

A few days ago I went to to the orthodontist and got braces. I have some issues with my bite and I need to wear braces.

I could have gotten the clear braces but I said ‘fuck it’ I’m going with the full-on metal braces.

A small part of me was worried that this would be a big turn off for chicks. A guy with braces isn’t exactly a huge check in the positive column.

But whether these braces are going to turn women off or not, what’s most important here is how I view this situation.

If I’m insecure about them and hide them and try not to smile, women will sense that and will get turned off by the braces.

If I am proud of them and can talk about it and joke about how women everywhere are hitting on me, it can actually become something attractive in a lot of ways.

This is not to say you can just let yourself go. If you are overweight and are able to lose some weight, then do that.

If you have a skin condition and can see a doctor, then do that.

Change the things you can change. Take care of the things you can take care of.

It shows how much you value yourself to pay attention to the things about yourself you can change, including the minor details.

But if you are short or bald, or are in a wheelchair or have an ugly face, there’s really not much you can do about it.

Learn to accept yourself and the things that are unchangeable. Learn to love your imperfections and work with them.

Because it is, after all, what makes you human. And that’s the most attractive part of all.


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6 responses
Daniel says:

Thanks, man.

H3x says:

Great post. Thank you Eric.

Chris says:

Thanks Eric, most guys these days need to understand this. I wish I understood this a few years ago when I was insecure about almost everything.

I did my first direct day game approach today. Let me tell you I stalled for about 45 minutes and was nervous as fuckkkkk going up to her. But somehow I managed to do it, and the direct approach really makes you commit, no matter how much approach anxiety you had before the interaction started. After the convo I felt emotionally tense, but when the feeling went away I felt GREAT about myself. lol.

Anyway, I realize that I need a lot more experience to get to that level of comfort with beautiful women that i want. Until then, I’ll keep approaching at least one girl a day. Wish me luck.


Anthony says:

Eric, you hit the nail on the head with this one…. as usual. I’m not tall, I’m not rich…. but dammit if I don’t deserve the best in life. It’s funny, the part I connected most with was when you got your braces:

I’ve been dealing with some moderate/severe acne since the start of 2009, and I can’t tell you how many different things I’ve tried to get rid of it (I think I found something that works, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed). At first it was terrible; just looking at it in the morning added a lousy start to my day. Eventually, I came around and realized that if I focused on my flaws, other people would focus on it too. Women won’t really care if you don’t, and it surprised me how many women liked me/were receptive to my approaches when pimples were flying off of my face!

Guys need to overcome their demons. If a few women can’t see past your shortness/baldness/etc etc, screw ‘em. Oh, and shout-out to Chris. Madd props. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

me says:

You look hot in braces.

Joey says:


Check out acne.org. There is a regimen on there that can defintely get you clear. I’ve had pretty bad acne for over 10 years and tried everything, but this regimen got me clear in a few months. Now I shine with confidence and my game is skyrocketting.

Hope this helps..