Then Her Boyfriend Walks Up

by Eric Disco
Jun 12

I’m in the bookstore.  I see this cute girl walking ahead of me.

She has tight skinny gray hipster jeans on, auburn hair and dorky glasses.

She walks into the card section.

I walk over behind her.

I couldn’t think of much to say so I say “Hey, do you know where I can find a card for a bachelor party?”

She lights up with a smile and says “Oooh… I don’t know…”

“What kind of card do you get someone for a bachelor party,” she says.
She was friendly, looking around for me.

“Maybe a condolence card?” I say.

“Maybe…” she says.

“You’re awesome,” I banter with her. “I’m gonna hire you as my personal shopper.”

She giggles.

“You know,” I say, “I get the feeling you’re not from around here.”

She says she grew up here.

“Really?” I say.  “I don’t know why I get the vibe that you’re from California.  You’re just laid back and chill, not like New Yorkers.”

“I actually go to school in california,” she says.

“Oh yeah?  Where?  Wait don’t tell me, let me guess.  San Francisco?”

She says “No, L.A.  But you probably would have guessed there next.”

“Oh wait, don’t tell me, you’re not a drama queen, are you?”  I say.

She laughs and says “Yeah, I’m studying drama!”

“Oh no, I gotta stay away from you!” I say.

“But I study music too!”

“Well, at least there’s that,” I say.

We start to talk about music, what kind of music she does.

“What’s your inspiration for writing songs?” I say. “Do you need some guy to break your heart?  Cuz I’m really good at that.”

“No, that’s why I’m taking classes, so you don’t need to do that!”

Then this guy walks up.

I introduce myself to him. I can tell it’s probably her boyfriend.

“Do you make music too?” I ask him.

She turns to him and says “Oh my god, he totally guessed that I’m from L.A. and that I make music!”

But it wasn’t in an explanation way, it was as if she were truly impressed that I had made any kind of connection with her at all.

“Well, you guys enjoy your day,” I say as I walk off.


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13 responses
LatinPua says:

You should have asked how they knew each other… Who knows he could have just been a friend… Good job approaching tho!

Docter says:

I need a solid explanation of what you’re trying to say from this post.

Unless its, make a connection.

Axel says:

It’s an example of what one might do in that situation.

Karma says:

Thanks for sharing Eric. Would you care to add a post script? A la, what you might have done differently if you had to do it all over again. Would you have asked them how they know each other, etc.

Eric Disco says:

I wasn’t intending to teach much of a lesson with this post. I just thought it was a fun interaction and funny how the girl was so impressed with what I said to her. She was impressed with the fact that I could even talk to her.

For some reason it’s been happening a lot in the last few weeks where I start talking to a girl and her boyfriend walks up. The irony is that she is just as attracted and just as willing to go with the interaction. Attraction is not a choice.


Docter says:

I guess im used to seeing some life changing messege in your writing. THIS IS SO NEW T_T.

Its interesting how you propel a conversation so smoothly, i still struggle with the “what to say next” idea.

Me says:

Docter, it all comes with experience.

Keep at it. You’ll learn how to hop from topic to topic with ease with practice.

Roger Belkins says:

So was it the boyfriend? or just a friend?

Karma says:

>> @ Docter : “I guess im used to seeing some life
>> changing messege in your writing”

Ha, ha, exactly my thoughts.

Eric’s blog posts are so consistently mindblowing (and always written with such exquisite prose) that he has raised expectations all ’round. :)

I follow other PUA blogs and newsletters but none of them pack the paradigm-shifting A-HA’s as

Perhaps Eric should have a section on his blog called ‘Eric Lite’ where he can let his hair down and doodle and ponder aloud and chill without all of us guys hanging to his every word looking for profound nuggets. :)

Docter says:

Agreed karma, Eric Lite would be a hit haha.

your future wife says:

I liked this post. It’s amazing how Eric is so good at quickly connecting with a random person.

Guys, it’s not all about getting laid. pfft. Can’t you call it a success when you just connect with a random person?

Courage Wolf says:

If she’s single, you have the whole world to compete against.
If she’s not, you have only one other to compete against!

A says:

A disreet little passby and look around for a boyfriend woulda seen ya better off—not wasting great material on a chick already taking it. But, hey…if you wanna chat to old ladies and bus inspectors as well for the share fun of it , go ahead…